How to extract water

How to extract water

The person for 70% consists of water. For this reason its absence can lead to death much quicker, than lack of food. The ability to find water was always important, it did not lose relevance and today. Any of us can get into an unforeseen situation, be torn off from a civilization. Then to survive, it will be required to find water.


1. Usually tourists do not take a lot of water, hoping to fill up stocks in reservoirs which will meet on their way. But what if you got lost, and around there are neither small rivers, nor streams, nor lakes, nor even swamps? Australian Bryan Kowadzh offered very effective way. But for its realization you with yourself have to have a plastic bag. Wrap up in a package a branch of any tree. It is only necessary to make sure that foliage on this tree rather dense. At the basis the package has to be tied very hardly. A mouth it is necessary to arrange above. Made? Now wait. In a package (in its bottom corner) it will be obligatory to gather the moisture evaporated by leaves. If carries, in day you will collect water liter. If is not present - all the same you will get so much not to be parched with thirst.

2. Let's assume, you have no package. Then fabric, mainly cotton will help. It it is necessary to tie densely around calves and ankles and to go on a wet grass. If around it is dry, make collecting early in the morning when on a grass dew lies. When the rag becomes damp, wring out water or exhaust it. During a rain it is simpler and simpler - it is necessary to wind with fabric a tree trunk. Water will flow down on it and to be absorbed in fabric. It is possible to put still below capacity for collecting.

3. If you appeared not in the forest, and in the desert, it is not necessary to despair. It is possible to find water and there. It is only necessary to be attentive. The fact is that if somewhere in the desert near a surface there is water, about it will tell some signs. Near ground waters midges and mosquitoes usually crowd, nearby there is vegetation, for example, rogoza, willows, elder, bulrushes and solyanka. Dig near these or other plants and you will find water. It is also possible to dig in the dried-up courses and hollows at the bottom of barkhans alee. There too are ground waters.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team