How to fall asleep at insomnia?

How to fall asleep at insomnia?

Insomnia can dement anyone. Impossibility to fall asleep long, a short and short dream with early awakening – all this manifestations of an insomnia which make the life miserable of the person break his day activity, reduce the speed of reactions and increase irritability. How to fall asleep at insomnia, it will be told in this article.

What to do in house conditions at insomnia?

First of all not to run in a first-aid kit behind sleeping pill because the majority of medicines of this kind causes accustoming and further a problem it is only possible to aggravate. It is better to try to make safer attempts to fall asleep. First of all it is necessary to provide normal conditions for a dream. In the room it has to be silent and dark, air temperature to fluctuate ranging from +18 up to 22 s, but here it is necessary to consider own habits and preferences. Anyway the room before night rest should be aired.

The best insomnia medicine is a heat bath with the calming aromatic oils, for example, lavenders, and someone is helped by charging. Anyway just before a dream you should not load too strongly an organism physically, otherwise it is possible to gain boomerang effect. Those who is interested what to drink from insomnia can recommend to make a valerian root, leaves of a melissa or mint. From insomnia it is possible to put a honey spoon in tea and if any suitable herbs in a first-aid kit it was not, recommended to warm up a glass of milk.

It is inadmissible to accept before going to bed alcohol, to smoke and gorge on. To you it is not necessary and consider "sheep" as the brain in this case is forced to work and carry out a certain task. It is better to try to disconnect all thoughts and to try not to think of anything. Some are helped by reading affirmation or a way of identification of with the quiet quiet lake surrounded with green vegetation. Waters of the lake are quiet and serene and nothing can excite them. Concentration on this picture helps to calm nervous system and quicker to fall asleep.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team