How to find a natural logarithm

How to find a natural logarithm

The term "logarithm" came from two Greek words, one of which designates "number", and another - "relation". By it designate mathematical operation of calculation of a variable (exponent) in which it is necessary to build constant value (basis) to receive the number specified under the sign of a logarithm. If the basis to equally mathematical constant called number of ""e"", then a logarithm are called "natural".

It is required to you

  • Internet access, Microsoft Office Excel or calculator.


1. Use the online calculators presented on the Internet in a set is, perhaps, most fast and an easy way of calculation of a natural logarithm. You should not be engaged in search of the relevant service as many search engines also have the built-in calculators quite suitable for work with logarithms. For example, pass to the homepage of the largest network search engine - Google. No buttons for input of values and the choice of functions will be required here, just gather the necessary mathematical operation in the entry field of inquiry. Let's tell, for calculation of a logarithm of number 457 on the basis of ""e"" enter ln 457 - it will be quite enough that Google displayed the correct answer to within eight signs after a comma (6.12468339) even without pressing of the button of sending request for the server.

2. Use the corresponding built-in function if need of calculation of value of a natural logarithm arises during the work with data in the popular tabular editor of Microsoft Office of Excel. This function is caused with use of the standard designation of such logarithm in an upper case here - LN. Allocate a cell in which the result of calculation has to be displayed, and enter an equal-sign - so in this tabular editor records in the cells containing formulas have to begin. Then type the name of function (LN) and specify in brackets numerical value which logarithm is required to be calculated - for example, =LN(457). After you press Enter, in this cell of the table the result of calculation of a natural logarithm will be displayed.

3. Open the program calculator which is established together with the operating system if both given above a way to you do not approach. It is possible to find the corresponding reference in Windows 7 OS if to open the main menu click on the Start-up button, and then to enter "каль" in the field of "Find Programs and Files". The reference with the name "Calculator" will be in the first line in search result. In other versions of OS it should be looked for in the Subsection "Standard" of the section "All Programs" of the main menu. Switch the calculator to more functional mode, having pressed a combination of the Alt keys + 2. Then enter value which natural logarithm is required to be calculated, and click the button designated by ln symbols in the interface of the program. The application will make calculation and will display result.

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