How to find amplitude

How to find amplitude

For finding of amplitude it is necessary to take a ruler or other device for measurement of distances and to measure the greatest deviation from position of balance. With the mathematical pendulum it is necessary to measure its length and height of rise in a case. For measurement of amplitude values of tension and force of alternating current it will be necessary to receive indications of the voltmeter and the ampermeter.

It is required to you

  • ruler, roulette, the voltmeter and the ampermeter for alternating current


1. Direct measurement amplitudes of mechanical oscillation For measurement of amplitude of mechanical oscillation, for example, of the spring pendulum, mark a point of balance of cargo and a point of its greatest deviation from position of balance. Then take a ruler or a roulette and measure distance between these two points. It will also be amplitude of fluctuation of the spring pendulum. Use this technique for any fluctuations where the deviation from position of balance can be measured by a ruler or a roulette.

2. Amplitude of the mathematical pendulum to find amplitude of fluctuations of the mathematical pendulum, measure length of thread at which cargo is suspended. Then, having rejected it from position of balance on a small corner, measure height by which cargo rose. After that multiply values of height of load lifting and length of the mathematical pendulum. Increase the received number by 2, and then take a square root. Amplitude of fluctuation of the mathematical pendulum at deviation corners less than 5 degrees will be result.

3. Measurement of amplitude of tension and current For the alternating current main the greatest interest is represented by the maximum values of current and tension (amplitude values) on this consumer or the site of a chain. For this purpose take the ampermeter and the voltmeter, switch them to measurement of alternating current. After that turn on the ampermeter in a chain consistently, and the voltmeter in parallel, having attached its terminals to the ends of the site of a chain where the consumer is connected. Take readings from devices. These are the operating or effective values of current (ampermeter) and tension (voltmeter). To receive amplitude values of tension and current, increase each of them by 1.4.

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