How to find force module

How to find force module

Force is vector size. If force vector randomly is located in the system of coordinates, it can be divided into two or three components. Knowing them, it is possible to find force module, being guided by Pythagorean theorem.


1. To calculate force module rationally not always. If the dynamometer has the design allowing arrangement on diagonal measure this size directly.

2. If the dynamometer allows accession to an object only under right angles or it is equipped with two sensors measuring all being forces on coordinates at the same time, write down instrument readings on all coordinates. If device arranged in such a way that measures force on different coordinates in different units (such measuring instruments meet infrequently), transfer results of all measurements to the same units. Some multicoordinate dynamometers display not forces, but tension at the outputs of sensors. Then it is necessary to increase them by the calibration coefficients specified in the table or previously defined for each of sensors experimentally.

3. Having found out what from two or three components nonzero size is valid only one, any calculations do not carry out. Just take the module from result of the corresponding measurement.

4. In case nonzero size two or three components have forces at once, square each of them. Pay attention to that fact that after implementation of this operation positive results will turn out even if basic data were negative.

5. Put results of construction of components of force in a square among themselves, and then take a square root from the received sum. It will also be force module. It will be expressed in the same units, as basic data, for example, in newtons (H) or kilograms of force (kgf).

6. The received module of force can be used as initial parameter at calculation of other related physical quantities. For example, to calculate pressure, divide it into the square to which force is applied. If to divide force module into body weight, acceleration will turn out.

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