How to find isolated attributes in the offer

How to find isolated attributes in the offer

Isolation is a semantic, intonational and punctuation allocation of a word or group of the words receiving value of the additional message. In a simple sentence definitions, additions, circumstances and the specifying members can stand apart.


1. Definitions answer questions: "what?", "what?", "what?", "what?". They can be coordinated and uncoordinated. The coordinated definitions are connected with the main word as coordination, that is their sort, the number and a case will be coordinated with the same parameters of the main word. In case of uncoordinated definitions a grammatical link another.

2. In the offer the definitions expressed by a single participle or a participial phrase, a single adjective or an adjective with dependent words and also a single noun or a noun with dependent words including in a function of the application stand apart.

3. Definitions stand apart in those cases if they stand after the defined word ("The last days, warm, soft, pleased us"), have additional adverbial value ("It is brilliant, the poluvozdushna, to a bow magic is obedient, by crowd of nymphs it is surrounded, costs Istomin …") or belong to a personal pronoun ("And he, rebellious, asks storms as though in storms there is a rest").

4. The application – one of types of definition. Isolated appositions which can be put by single nouns or nouns with dependent into words usually specify any quality of a subject, indicate age, a profession, nationality and other signs. Applications stand apart in the offer commas if they treat a personal pronoun, stand after the defined word, have additional adverbial value or the union "as". For example: "Onegin, my boon companion, was born on brigs of Neva …", "When youth the time, a time of hopes and grief gentle …", "Theater the angry legislator, the changeable adorer of charming actresses, the honourable citizen of the scenes, Onegin …" came rebellious to Evgeny. Besides, also applications as a part of which there are words stand apart: "by name", "by last name", it "is", "by nickname".

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