How to find resistance force

How to find resistance force

During repair of the household TV and radio equipment not always it turns out to find and buy the resistor with the necessary size of resistance. In such cases it is necessary to look for a necessary detail in second-hand blocks and resistance. Also resistance with necessary face value can be made of 2 and more resistors, connecting them consistently or in parallel. Anyway, it is necessary to know the exact size of resistance. It is possible to determine it in several simple ways.

It is required to you

  • marking table, ohmmeter or measuring bridge. When the big accuracy of measurement is not required, use of the combined devices (multimeters) is possible


1. For determination of size of resistance of the domestic resistor with tsifrobukvenny marking read this marking on the case of the resistor. Learn its face value, being guided by the following rules: letters designate a face value multiplier, i.e. the letter E or R indicate that resistance of this resistor is measured in ohms, letter K – in kilohms, M – in megaohms, and letter T – in teraoma. In marking of the resistor the letter is in the place of a comma in decimal designation. Example: marking 1E2 means that at this resistor resistance of 1.2 Ohms. Markings of K100, 5K6, 10M or 1T0 correspond to resistors with a resistance of 0.1 kOhm or 100 Ohms, 5.6 kOhm, 10 my and 1 that.

2. For determination of size of resistance at resistors with color marking use marking tables. Many manufacturing firms of the household electronic equipment use the intra-corporate marking. You watch that the table corresponded to the producer of the defined details.

3. Sometimes marking of resistors is absent or is closed by protective varnish or paint. In that case for measurement of size of resistance use an ohmmeter, the measuring bridge or a multimeter included in the mode of measurement of resistance. Turn on the measuring device and put the switch of ranges of measurement of resistance in it in position necessary for you. During measurement of high-resistance resistance do not touch by hands of conclusions of measuring probes. Otherwise indications of measuring devices will be distorted because of resistance of your body.

4. Before measurement of second-hand resistance of the resistor it is obligatory for its vypayayta from an old payment or the block. Otherwise it can be shunted by other details of the scheme, and you receive the wrong indications of its resistance.

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