How to find rhythm coefficient

How to find rhythm coefficient

Rhythm of production - one of fundamental indicators of conducting successful business. It means that all orders and the undertaken obligations for production will be fulfilled in time and in appropriate quality. And it leads to timely receipt of funds for the shipped products which will go also for production development, and for payment of the salary to workers, and for raw materials purchase, etc. needs. The skilled business executive knows that all processes of production are connected among themselves and therefore accurately keeps track of rhythm of production.


1. For assessment of rhythm of production the analysis of production on months, weeks or days is usually carried out. Planned volumes, the executed volumes, the underfulfilled outputs and time corresponding to their performance are calculated. Further the table in which to a certain period of time there corresponds a certain indicator of release of goods is formed. The analysis covers that period which is necessary for accurate organization of labor.

2. Calculate the general indicator of rhythm (Rd) on the basis of the analysis of production and is determined by a formula: Rd = Ad*100/Am, where: Hell – the actual production in a decade; Am - the actual production in a month. However this indicator is rather general as does not consider the number of the working days in the period and also implementation of the planned schedule of production.

3. For more reliable determination of rhythm use time period; Ap - a plan target on production for the same period of time.

4. Besides, the coefficient of rhythm can be calculated also on a formula: Kr =1-An/Ap, where: An - underfulfilment of the plan for production for a certain period; Ap – a plan target on release for the same period.

5. In the second case the calculation is based on the planned schedule of release of goods. To carry out the analysis of production and to calculate coefficient of rhythm it is possible for any necessary interval of time: change, day, week, decade, etc.

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