How to find the general coefficient

How to find the general coefficient

For the analysis of natural dynamics of the population the sociologists need to define the general coefficients. The main of them are indicators of birth rate, mortality, a brachnost and natural increase. Leaning on them, time can be a demographic picture at present.


1. Pay attention that the general coefficient represents a relative indicator. So, the number been born for a certain period, for example, in a year, will differ from the general coefficient of birth rate. It is connected with the fact that at its stay the population given about total are considered. It does possible comparison of the current results of researches with results of last years.

2. Define the settlement period. For example, to find brachnost coefficient, it is necessary to define for what time period the quantity got married you interests. So, data for the last half-year will differ considerably from those which you receive when determining a five-year time interval. Consider that the settlement period at calculation of the general coefficient is specified advanced in years.

3. Determine total population. Data of this sort can be received, having addressed data of a population census. For determination of the general coefficients of birth rate, mortality, a brachnost and a razvodimost you need to find the work of total population and the settlement period. Write down the turned-out number in a denominator.

4. Put the absolute measure corresponding to required relative to the place of numerator. For example, if you are faced by a task to define the general coefficient of birth rate, then the number reflecting total number of the born children for the period interesting you has to be in the place of numerator. If your purpose is determination of death rate or a brachnost, then to the place of numerator put number of the dead during the settlement period or number married, respectively.

5. Increase the turned-out number for 1000. It will also be required you the general coefficient. If you are faced by a task to find the general coefficient of gain, then subtract mortality rate from birth rate coefficient.

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