How to find the stolen phone?

How to find the stolen phone?

If it happened so that phone was stolen, you should not despair. Being guided by several useful tips, you without special work solve a problem. To solve a problem of search of the stolen phone it is worth beginning with a call on the number. Perhaps, someone from your friends saw the device, put it to himself in a bag or having called, you will hear a sound of the melody standing at you on a call.

How it is possible to find the stolen phone?

Alternatively search you will be able to offer a reward for return of your phone, it is especially relevant if besides the gadget, various records, messages, notes, photos and so on are of special value. Often the people needing money, food or just those who want new thrills are engaged in theft of mobile phones. If your device is not switched off yet, it is possible to try the following methods:

  1. To ask other mobile phone for the acquaintance and to send the SMS message to the with the text of the offer of a reward if the thief needs money, he will call itself, and you will coordinate the meeting. The reward for your phone has to be about the same as the price and the gadget.
  2. If your device was used only for performance of various calls, perhaps and there is no need to return it. For return it is possible to offer the sum about $50-100.
  3. The device equipped state-of-the-art has to have the special installed program thanks to which it is possible to define location of the person. Also for positioning it is possible to contact police.

How to find phone on the Android lost or stolen?

Please note that to return the mobile phones working at base here of such operating systems much more simply, than any other. Some models are arranged in such a way that it is simply impossible to take from them a sim card. If you are tormented by a question how to find the stolen phone independently, it can be executed by means of the iCloud application. After this application showed coordinates of arrangement of your mobile device, you without special complexity will be able to block it. It will secure you, the thief will not get access to important data and records. It is better to carry out similar manipulations as soon as possible as the thief can independently manage to switch off function of determination of arrangement of the device. You should carry the obtained data in police as independently to deal with the thief rather dangerously.

How to find the lost or stolen phone?

Please note thatPlease note that at the appeal to police of people has to prove that phone belongs to it, that is collect all necessary documents - the warranty card, other documentation where your data and the serial number of the device are specified. If purchase was carried out through non-cash payment and you could not keep the warranty card, it is possible to address the supplier who will provide you all necessary data.

Except above-mentioned actions take care also of blocking of your sim card or ask to notify you if someone decides to make a call from your number. Theft of phone - always an unpleasant event, from number can call other country, and you will be responsible for the given bill.

If you think how to find the stolen phone if it is switched off, it is possible to block the device through IMEI number. This measure is effective, but it is better to do it in the last turn. Please note that even when changing a sim card, the thief will not be able to use your phone.


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