How to find water in the earth

How to find water in the earth

It is very uncomfortable to live in the house if in it there is no water, be it the dacha or very sound house. Therefore think of how to eliminate this defect, despite of heavy expenses. And you remember that it is necessary not only to find water, but also to get.


1. It is worth making a well or to drill the well. But consider water if it is at a depth over three meters, is not suitable for drink. Headwater contains many pollution. It cannot be used for cooking. It is necessary to find water which contains in water-bearing layers. When water passes through different soil layers is purified.

2. The most effective way of search of water is a drilling. It is possible to drill at once in several places. Then you will be able to determine the layer depth, the nature of soil layers. But not always we accept this way. Our ancestors defined places for wells proceeding from observation of the nature. There are some signs which can specify that water is near.

3. If before you the flat area, then a source of water is at the same height at which neighbour's wells are made. If there is a ravine with water, then deep water can be at its slope. If a ravine dry, then water is inaccessible. Because in valleys the ravines and streamlets reduce water level.

4. In the evening observe in the hot summer fog which is spread over the Earth's surface. Than fog is more dense, those have more than chances in this place to find a source.

5. If over a water-bearing layer to put turned to bank or a pot, it will surely become covered with dew, and salt even in dry weather will become wet.

6. Observe for plants on your site. The is more green and plants, the closer to this place water are more dense. Look narrowly if on your site such plants as a willow, a meadowsweet vyazolistny, a cane, currant, a sorrel, mother and the stepmother, means water close.

7. The behavior of animals can indicate proximity of water too. If the horse hoofs and smells the earth, so he feels existence in the soil of moisture. The dog if thirsts, begins to dig the earth, in that places where there is water. The cat likes to lie over water veins, and the dog does not. Chicken will not begin to lay eggs where highly there is water; and geese on the contrary.

8. If there are red ants, so there is no water. It is very good to build a well where the layers consisting of sand, gravel, granite lie. In such layers water easily gathers in a well. If layers clay – filling speed more slowly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team