How to force a brain to work for 100 percent?

Both the wrong way of life, and stresses, and regular overfatigue can become the reason of problems with memory and concentration of attention. There is also very serious disease of a brain which often overcomes the people who reached more than 60 years of life – Alzheimer's disease. Whatever reasons for that were, and most of people without special pleasure begin to understand that memory any more not such as was earlier. In such situation there is a question how to force a brain to work for 100 percent.

How to force a brain to work quicker and more effectively?

It is considered to be that at big physical activities the brain at the person begins to develop better. There are some ways which will help to improve memory and to understand how to force a brain to work quicker.

  1. To train thinking. Physical activities are important too, but it is recommended to develop different areas of a brain, forcing them to work. It is possible to try new smells and tastes. It is possible to visit new places, to be engaged in art.
  2. To play sports. Voluntary sports do the person happier and wittier.
  3. To laugh more. According to scientists, laughter brings benefit to human health. When the person laughs, in his organism endorphins thanks to which it is possible to get rid of tension begin to be produced and to load a brain.
  4. To develop memory. The brain is the memory car. It is possible to take an old photo album or the school diary and to plunge into memoirs, allowing a brain to reflect. Thereby it will be possible to cope with problems.
  5. Is fish. It was established that the oil which is contained in fish is very useful for a brain. People who consume in the diet fish are exposed to a depression, weak-mindedness and memory losses less.
  6. To eat properly. It is necessary to exclude from a diet greasy food as fats have ability to reduce a stream of blood rich with oxygen to a brain. It is not recommended to consume more than 30% of calories in the form of fat every day.
  7. To improve skills. Such simple skills as reading, drawing, knitting or solving of difficult crossword puzzles are of great importance. For improvement of skills it is necessary to force itself to carry out all this differently. For example, it is possible to read the new book, to learn to draw in the new ways.

Saying about how to force the head to work, first of all it is important to adhere to the above recommendations, then there will be no problems with loss of memory or concentration of attention if only this is not about serious pathologies.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team