How to get rid of a stomach to the man?

How to get rid of a stomach to the man?

Men are not so inclined to completeness as women, but also they have one problem – "a beer tummy". Its existence is connected not only with consumption of beer, and and with other aspects. Many men want to get rid of a stomach as it not only is ugly, and and is unhealthy.

Councils how quickly to get rid of a stomach

  1. The first council will directly concern some drink which is accused of this problem – beer. Many men love this frothy beverage, but if your purpose to get rid of a stomach, then its quantity needs to be reduced to a minimum, or in general to refuse the use. In beer there are an alcohol and sugar, and they negatively influence metabolic rate. Besides to contain in hop estrogenic connections which break hormonal balance. Also to get rid of a pot-belly, it is necessary to refuse also other alcohol as it too high-calorie, so, harmful to a figure.
  2. One more effective method how quickly to get rid of a stomach – regularly to play sports. Cardiotrainings are considered as the most effective.
  3. For a start 3 times a week, at least on half an hour will be enough engaged.
  4. Got rid of fat, now it is necessary to strengthen muscles. When the weight which you lose by means of cardiotrainings stops, can pass to other exercises for strengthening of a press, however ideally, initially to combine them with aerobic trainings.
  5. One more best way to get rid of a stomach – to change a food allowance. It is not necessary to use monodiets, it is the best of all to begin it is correct and balanced to eat.

Several simple rules:

  • portions have to be small;
  • drink not less than 2 l of water;
  • reduce quantity fat, sweet, etc. junk food;
  • eat fresh vegetables and fruit;
  • try to eat fractionally about 5 times a day.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team