How to get rid of an unpleasant smell in the apartment?

How to get rid of an unpleasant smell in the apartment?

All houses have the unique smell, some aromas are pleasant, others – cause disgust. If the aroma in the apartment is far from perfect and there was a question how to get rid of an unpleasant smell, it is necessary to get acquainted with a professional advice.

How to get rid of a smell of burning in the apartment?

The smell of burning can appear in the apartment after a podgoraniye of chicken in an oven or other incident in kitchen. If the room was filled with smoke, first of all, right after suppression of the center of smoke, it is necessary to arrange a draft, having opened windows and doors. Then it is desirable to carry out damp cleaning – having washed the floors and having wiped all surfaces. A final stroke – aromatization of the room. Both air fresheners, and crusts of oranges, and coffee seeds – to whom will cope with it what is pleasant more.

However the above measures will be ineffective if ignition was strong and housing just became impregnated with a smell of burning. Damp cleaning in that case should be carried out with use of detergents and vinegar, and it is necessary to wash the floors not only, but also walls and ceilings. Curtains, it is necessary to unveil and wash, paths and upholstered furniture – to vacuum or process steam cleaner, pillows and blankets – to hand over in a dry-cleaner. Ideally, after the fire even if the interior did not suffer, it is necessary to do repair.

How to get rid of a sewerage smell in the apartment?

The smell of the sewerage appears at malfunction in this system therefore first of all it is necessary to get rid of the reason. It can be a problem with a siphon hydrolock, a strong blockage or a leakage of a sewer pipe in the apartment or the cellar, anyway, at impossibility to correct a problem independently, it is necessary to call the plumber.

After correction of the reason, for final disposal of a smell, it is possible to use adsorbents. Among purchased perfectly Odorgon which well absorbs a smell copes with the duties. From folk remedies activated carbon, salt, soda, rice in that case will approach.

How to get rid of a musty smell of an old age in the apartment?

If in the house there lives an elderly unhealthy person, the specific musty smell – an old age smell almost always appears. It impregnates all things therefore from any inhabitant of the apartment can unpleasantly smell even if it not houses.

To get rid of an old age smell, it is not enough to carry out one-time cleaning. Constant damp cleaning, airings, washing, etc. are necessary. Besides, it is necessary to take care of the elderly person – it has to wash, change regularly linen – lower and bed, clothes. For aromatization to the apartment it is desirable to get an ozonizer or the air purifier, as a last resort – to use various fresheners.

Very often at elderly people various old things which begin to smell unpleasantly over time are literally stored. Of course, it is desirable to get rid of them in general, but if they are expensive to the owner, it is desirable to air, erase, dry and store these things with use of dry spirits or at least dry herbs.

How to get rid of a smell of a dog in the apartment?

The smell of a dog is not too pleasant, but it does not mean that you should not keep in the apartment of a canine friend. A number of procedures will help to get rid of a dog smell. First, it is necessary to watch purity of a dog – the well-groomed animal will not be unpleasant to smell. It is necessary to wash a dog approximately once a week with special shampoo. Secondly, after walk it is necessary to wash out paws of an animal and a stomach. Thirdly, it is worth to remember about cleaning of ears and teeth which can be a smell source too. Besides, the unpleasant smell can appear at improper feeding of an animal, a stress and a disease.

How to get rid of a cat's smell in the apartment?

The cat's smell appears in the apartment at insufficient care for a tray, unwillingness of the pet to go to it or if the cat leaves the tags. To get rid of a smell, it is necessary to find out the reason of its emergence. To disaccustom an animal it is possible to mark cardinally – castration – or use of hormonal medicines.

If the cat does not go to a tray, it is necessary to understand the reason of this dislike – perhaps, it is inconvenient for an animal or costs in the bad place. Filler of a toilet should be changed regularly – some cats essentially do not go to a dirty tray. Finally the special filler eliminating all smells will help to get rid of a smell of a cat's toilet. If the cat used a floor instead of a toilet, it is necessary to wash out it with potassium permanganate, vinegar or peroxide of hydrogen. It is better to throw out the footwear spoiled by a cat – you will hardly save it from a smell.


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