How to get to airborne forces?

How to get to airborne forces?

To learn how to get to airborne forces, it is necessary to understand by what criteria there is a selection in this division. The young people only corresponding to them can be enlisted there. Many mistakenly believe that to become the paratrooper, it is only necessary to declare the desire, but it not so therefore let's understand that it is necessary to make to get to airborne forces.

How to get to serve in airborne forces?

  1. So, we will begin with selection criteria. First, of course, it is necessary to pass medical commission. The fact is that airborne forces it is, in fact, rapid response team that, certainly, means that the paratrooper has to be absolutely healthy, otherwise his organism just will not sustain those physical activities which are given at trainings or when performing a task. If the person has a flat-footedness or short-sightedness, then to pass medical commission just it will not turn out.
  2. Secondly, in this type of troops only those young people whose height not less than 175 cm, and weight not less than 75 kg undertake. These are the minimum parameters which future paratrooper has to possess. As for the maximum weight, today the person wishing to get to airborne forces has to weigh no more than 85 kg with a height of 175 cm. If growth is higher, then, of course, and weight has to be more.
  3. Thirdly, the guy who until revenues to service played sports will be able to become a paratrooper, most likely. For example, candidates who practiced boxing, free-style wrestling, or in gym will have advantage when passing the commission. Thus, regular trainings by sport - here that is necessary to get to airborne forces. It is the only way to be distinguished from other persons interested with the physical training.

What trainings will help to become the paratrooper?

To increase the chances, the young man can make the following:

  1. To gain muscle bulk, or to get rid of excess weight if the similar problem is also it does not fit into parameters.
  2. To be engaged in jogs, it is desirable to be able to overcome as long distances (3-5 km), and short (100 m).
  3. To include in the plan of trainings of push-up, pulling up.

Not superfluous will be to address in a military registration and enlistment office at the place of residence and to receive at them the official printout of sports qualifying standards which are hit by paratroopers. Such information with pleasure will be provided by employees of a commissariat. So the young man will be able to be guided by concrete figures when forming trainings.

If there is an opportunity to register in parachute jump and to seize this art, then it is better to use of Ability will make similar jumps also advantage before other candidates wishing to become paratroopers.

How to get to airborne forces on conscription service?

If the young man corresponds to those criteria which are described above, and he wishes to become a paratrooper, then during passing of the commission, it can appeal, send it for service to this type of military forces.

For this purpose he needs to ask about a meeting with the chief of a military commissariat right after obtaining the agenda and in personal meeting to tell it that you wish to serve in airborne forces. Not superfluous at the same time will be to note also the sporting achievements, for example, to designate that were engaged in fight, won the school run championships. Remember that it is important to address the chief on a rank which can be learned from employees of a commissariat in advance. It will show your readiness to follow military discipline and to fulfill the requirements of command that for the paratrooper is necessary.

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