How to grow up a copper sulfate crystal

How to grow up a copper sulfate crystal

In the nature there is a set of crystals of various forms and flowers. For example, gemstones (diamond, an emerald, a ruby, etc.), hoarfrost on branches of trees, snowflakes , etc. Some species of mollusks are capable to increase nacre on the foreign matters which got to a sink. Therefore pearls are formed. Crystals can be grown up also in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • - clean ware;
  • - copper sulfate (copper vitriol);
  • - water;
  • - stick and thread;
  • - filter.


1. For cultivation of a big single crystal from sulfate of copper buy powder of copper vitriol. You will be able to get it in any shop of household goods or in those outlets where fertilizers for plants are on sale.

2. Then prepare saturated solution of sulfate of copper (II). For this purpose take clean ware (a glass, a flask or any other), pour water into it. Then fill up salt in the small portions there. Carefully mix. You need to achieve the salt dissolution termination. Consider that at the room temperature the preparation of saturated solution can take one-two days. But you can accelerate this process by heating of mix on a water or sandy bath about three hours.

3. After you received solution of necessary concentration, cool it (if used a heating method) and filter through filter paper or vatu. On the filter there will be a crystal deposit. Choose from it one well created kristallik.

4. Attach the chosen crystal to a thread, tie it to a stick, the handle or a pencil. Then lower a priming in the container with the filtered solution and leave for several days. Have patience, the size of a stone depends on the time spent in solution.

5. As soon as the crystal reached the size desirable to you, take out it and accurately dry a napkin. For prevention of destruction of your grown-up miracle, cover it with colourless varnish which will prevent water evaporation.

6. You watch that in solution the deposit was not formed. If it occurs — filter liquid in a clean glass and transfer the growing crystal there.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team