How to grow up crystals from copper vitriol

How to grow up crystals from copper vitriol

Crystals always caused special curiosity and amazement in the person. The nature took care of such phenomenon as their growth therefore the most beautiful crystals of a bizzare shape are formed. It appears, it is possible to grow up crystals from copper vitriol independently even in house conditions especially as the reactant is for this purpose necessary so widespread that it is available practically in each house. It is copper sulfate which crystalline hydrate has blue coloring, and its anhydrous salt - pale blue. Both options perfectly are suitable for cultivation of crystals.

It is required to you

  • Glass, plate or saucer, copper vitriol, colourless varnish


1. It is possible to buy sulfate of copper or copper vitriol in any shop for repair or gardening because prescribing of copper vitriol in spraying of trees and bushes from wreckers. At the same time there is no need for use of specialized chemical ware, and all laboratory manipulations can be carried out in a usual cup and a saucer.

2. At first primary saturated solution of salt is prepared. For this purpose it is necessary to take a half-glass of hot water and to dissolve a copper sulfate half-teaspoon. After full dissolution to repeat salt dissolution until it does not cease to be dissolved. Thus, saturated solution of copper vitriol will turn out.

3. That crystals turned out beautiful and clean, for this purpose it is necessary to filter the received solution, and as soon as possible, yet there was no crystallization. To pour the received filtrate in a saucer and to cover with glass (it is possible and not to cover, but at hit of dust or insects in solution there will be its pollution and as a result crystals will lose the purity).

4. In a day, and it is possible earlier, it is already possible to observe the dropped-out small kristallik. They appear much, and part of them settles down congestions, and some - single copies. Also it is necessary to pay attention to the last diamond-shaped kristallik. For further work it is necessary to choose crystals of the most correct form without additional inclusions or impurity.

5. Further again solution of copper vitriol which is called uterine now, and according to the similar scheme is prepared. The received filtrate is poured in a saucer or a plate and carefully placed in it the chosen kristallik in number from 2 to 5 pieces. An important condition is their arrangement remote from each other, otherwise during own growth they can unite among themselves and then crystals of the correct form will not turn out. Then to close capacity glass and from time to time to prepare new uterine solution and to add carefully to previous in which there are growing-up crystals.

6. In several weeks it is possible to grow up crystals from copper vitriol in the form of beautiful diamond-shaped formation of saturated blue color. Only it is necessary to remember that the received product is very fragile and loses water over time, turning into friable powder of blue color – in anhydrous salt, that is in other words there is a destruction of crystals. And therefore for long preservation they are covered with colourless varnish.

7. It is similarly possible to receive "wonderful stones" on a thread if at once to arrange originally received kristallik along a thread on a plate bottom. As a result with own hand made necklace from blue "gemstones" will turn out. The grown-up crystals can serve as a subject of pride of own achievements in the field of chemistry.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team