How to improve a dream?

How to improve a dream?

Very few people from inhabitants of the modern world have so valuable gift – ability to fill up and wake up quickly, when necessary. If you not Stierlitz also have a set of the problems and difficulties connected with a dream, then have to pay attention to our councils and make the sleep healthy. About how to improve a dream, we also will talk in this material.

What are sleep disorders fraught with?

It is impossible to trifle of this question, deficiency of a dream, nightmares, insomnia are capable to provoke a set of problems. "Sleepy problems" can bring to:

  • to irritability and depressions;
  • to frequent colds, ORZ;
  • to "the slowed-down state", sluggishness;
  • to problems with heart, pressure.

How to improve sleep quality?

Banal recommendations of calculation of lambs help not always, therefore to adjust the dream, to get enough sleep and receive energy inflow, begin to implement our recommendations urgently:

  1. The products improving a dream exist, it is milk and honey. The director of the Center studying dream questions in the USA Milton Ehrman claims that the milk supporting squirrels alpha laktabumin gives to a brain a signal to relax and fall asleep, and glucose from honey perfectly calms.
  2. If to you noise from the street or the neighboring apartment do not allow to fall asleep, it is necessary to create own source of neutral noise which will be remade by external. "White" noise of the radio receiver or silent hum of the fan will help.
  3. It is inconvenient to have sex in socks, and here to sleep – on the contrary. It is frequent cold legs prevent to fall asleep, warm socks will remove this problem.
  4. Fresh air – pledge not just health, but also a healthy sleep. Surely air the bedroom, even in a frost. If there is an opportunity, leave a window open, at least on centimeter.
  5. If Morpheus does not take you in the embraces because of uneasy thoughts, hold the handle and a notebook on a bedside table. Just "splash out" on paper all the problems before going to bed, and then you will be able quickly to fall asleep with the "empty" head.
  6. The best means improving a dream are a silence and darkness. Darkness – the true friend of a sweet dream! To sleep tight, it is necessary not just to switch off lamps, but also to draw curtains, to switch off devices from sockets. The most reasonable decision is to remove in general from the bedroom the excess equipment. In it does not fit the computer and the TV.

That's all, now you precisely know how to improve night sleep and to make it effective. Just implement our recommendations and you will enjoy every night sweet, a deep sleep soon.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team