How to improve hearing?

How to improve hearing?

Deafness as result of congenital underdevelopment of an organ of hearing, as patrimonial trauma or defeat of the sound accepting system, today, unfortunately, is not treated. Therefore in this material we will tell you about how it is possible to improve hearing if you suddenly began to notice at yourself manifestations of relative deafness.

In case you noticed that you lowered auditory acuity, noise in ears is felt, then it is possible that you have a neuritis of an acoustical nerve. At this disease the infection influences receptors of an inner ear. In case of confirmation of such diagnosis, you can cope with a disease independently, having improved hearing by means of folk remedies.

Take natural tincture of propolis in drugstore of qualitative spirit 40%. Mix it with olive oil, observing a proportion one to four. As a result at you the light brown emulsion which needs to be shaken up before the use will turn out. Then prepare cotton tampons, impregnate them with the received solution and accurately enter into an ear by means of tweezers. To the adult the tampon is put every other day, to hold a lotion within 36 hours. It is necessary to complete a course not less than ten procedures.

Small cut 40 grams of propolis and fill in it 100 ml of vodka. Put tincture to the dark warm place and leave to infuse for ten days. Periodically mix needs to be shaken up. In ten days filter the received tincture and add vegetable oil, also to proportions one to four. Impregnate a cotton tampon with this mix and enter into an ear for 12 hours. Then replace a tampon. It is necessary to receive medical treatment on an extent of two weeks.

Besides, we recommend to you to carry out special exercises, they can well affect your hearing.

The exercises directed to hearing improvement

Having woken up in the morning, begin to mass carefully ears hands, try to press ears to the head as much as possible. It is necessary to carry out movements 25 - 30 times clockwise.

Exercise is carried out not less than 20 times. Press ears to the head as it is possible stronger, then sharply draw aside hands.

Implant a forefinger into acoustical pass. Then also sharply draw aside it. The received vibrations of a membrane will help to improve blood circulation. If you have unpleasant feelings, reduce the number of the carried-out exercises.

If you do lotions for ears in combination with these simple exercises, then will be able to improve hearing.

Besides, we prepared the list of drugs which will help to improve hearing. But we pay your attention that before reception of tablets it is necessary to consult the attending physician!

The medicines improving hearing

These drugs are appointed when it is necessary to improve microcirculation and also metabolism of an inner ear:

  • Piratsezin;
  • Fezam;
  • Nilogrin;
  • Trental;
  • Vazonit;
  • Kaventon.

Besides, there will be not enough one drug treatment. Therefore along with drug intake, surely do gymnastics for ears and you carry out phytotherapeutic treatment by means of lotions which recipe above.

The products improving hearing

It should be noted communication of these bodies – a stomach and ears. In order that you had no problems with hearing, it is necessary to reconsider the diet. Try to eat less meat, eggs and fermented milk products. Lean on fish, and it can be used in unlimited number. Also you will suit low-fat meat, for example, veal or chicken fillet. Minimize the use of salt in the diet. In day it is possible to use it no more than two grams, and, it is necessary to pay attention that we speak about all salt which enters your food, for example, in sausage, cheese. Therefore it will be best of all if you clear a saltcellar the table. Besides, it is extremely important to refuse alcohol-containing products.


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