How to improve work of kidneys?

How to improve work of kidneys?

In our organism everything is interconnected. Therefore, for example, if kidneys badly function, then we suffer constant hypostases, headaches, tonsillitis, etc. But similar troubles can and be avoided if the nobility how to improve work of kidneys. It is possible to make it in different ways.

The medicines improving work of kidneys

Drugs should not be bought, only the doctor can appoint them. Therefore first of all it is necessary to be examined by the expert and only then to go to drugstore. It should be noted that today medicines for optimization of functions of kidneys there is a set. It is, for example, Nefroletin which treats rather not drugs, and to dietary supplements, tablets with diuretic effect "Kanefron of N", Fizolin paste which needs to be dissolved in water and to drink, and others.

The products improving work of kidneys

Also the correct way of life, in particular food is very important for health of kidneys. It is necessary to include nuts at which there is a large amount of magnesium in the diet. Orange and red vegetables, including carrots, pumpkin and pepper are also necessary, it is also useful to eat fresh greens regularly. Nutritionists, answering a question how to improve work of kidneys for liquid removal, advise there are products containing a lot of water: cucumbers, juicy apples, cabbage. At the same time it is necessary to limit consumption of salt and sugar, greasy food.

How to improve work of kidneys as folk remedies?

Adherents of traditional medicine take an independent stand of relative how to improve work of kidneys. They advise to use curative infusions, for example, from dandelion roots, or from hips and leaves of a wild strawberry, apple segments, buds of a birch, bearberry, St. John's wort, etc. Ingredients need to be boiled in a small amount of water, then to pour in a thermos and to insist day. Then to dilute with boiled water and to drink on a half-glass one - twice a day.


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