How to increase current power

How to increase current power

It is possible to increase current power in several ways: by means of streamlining of technological process of the enterprise, by use of synchronous electric motors instead of asynchronous, undervoltage of current on a certain site, restriction of idling of the engine, replacement with transformers of smaller power.


1. Way first: rationalization. It is possible to increase current power rational use of transformers. Whenever possible switch-off transformers on no-load time as the most part of reactive power of current is the share just of idling. Replace periodically transformers which loading does not exceed 30 percent. If loading of the transformer is more than 30 percent, then make its replacement, calculated on the basis of.

2. Way second: optimized. Try to optimize use of the existing current power without leading of additional kilowatts. How to make it? Replace all bulbs of incandescence with energy saving which gained special popularity recently. Install also whenever possible energy saving household equipment which will promote increase in power of current too.

3. Way third: energy saving. If all last ways did not help, establish additional sources of energy saving. Their feature is that they are capable to give additional power round the clock.

4. Way fourth: electric. Choose the electric motor for the working car with higher nominal power factor as such engine is capable to create a reserve for increase in power of current. Give preference to engines with greater speed of rotation and with the short-circuited rotor.

5. Way fourth: nominal. For increase in power of current on electric motors constantly support rated voltage. For what does it become? The fact is that at low-power power plants try to support current tension above nominal that leads to increase in current of idling that in turn allows to increase the reactive power of current.

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