How to increase flight speed

How to increase flight speed

Ballistics – the division of science studying features of flight of various shells. This field of knowledge based on physics and mathematics is widely put into practice, and, not only in military science, but also in astronautics. And in a common hunting practice of achievement of ballistics allow to increase the speed of flight of a bullet or shot charge. In most cases it is possible to raise high-speed indicators, having made changes to the boss's design.


1. For increase in speed of flight of the shell used in a hunting gun use special bullets. Such bullet has the case of a fungoid form which consists of a head part and a shaft. In a back part of a bullet there is a stabilizer and the shutter and also the turbine with ledges on a side surface and dredging in a front part.

2. For increase in high-speed characteristics of a bullet modernize it, having executed the ends of a tail part in the form of the narrowed conic ledges, having rounded at the same time all edges. Execute each ledge of the turbine such length that it exceeded diameter of a head part of the building and smoothly passed into the side surface of the stabilizer.

3. On the side surface of the stabilizer execute a groove with the sides inclined towards a back part at an angle about 45 degrees. In a face of dredging of the stabilizer make a ledge, having executed its front part in the form of a cone.

4. Install the case by a shaft in dredging of the stabilizer with a gap of 3-5 mm between shaft faces. The aligning separated sectors of the case have to be formed by division into two or three parts with a small inclination to a longitudinal axis of a cylinder.

5. Establish sectors with ledges on front side of a head part. The described constructive changes to a standard hunting bullet allow to increase the speed of its flight, range of defeat of a game and also reduce a ricochet and force of return at the time of a shot.

6. You make modification of a design of the boss only if you have experience of independent equipment of ammunition and you have the required skills. If such task cannot do to you, use standard cartridges like "Extra-m" or "Iskra-M" (they differ from each other in material of which the sleeve is made). In such boss the powder charge is divided into two independent parts by means of cardboard laying with a small opening. It reaches a temporary delay of ignition of a powder charge and charge lump (and, respectively, the speed of flight of a bullet) without increase in pressure of powder gases in the gun cartridge chamber increases.

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