How to increase water pressure

How to increase water pressure

If in a water supply system the insufficient pressure of water, establish the special pumping-up station. In case of uneven pressure, for example, of its reduction at the increased water use, install the special hydroaccumulator. Generally pressure of water can be increased, having increased height of its column over the crane.

It is required to you

  • You need the pump station, the hydroaccumulator with an additional capacity, the tank for water.


1. Increase in pressure of water in a water supply system. To lift water pressure in a water supply system, check pipes if they got littered, change them. If the reason not in pipes, then install the pump station. For this purpose cut out a piece of a pipe directly at input of a water pipe to the apartment. Cut a carving on scraps of pipes and insert the pump. It is necessary for normal operation of the device that pressure in a water supply system was not lower than 0.2 atm., in this case there will be enough power of the water station for maintenance of normal pressure. That the station worked in the autonomous mode, install the sensor of pressure and adjust it on a certain value. For example, the station will join only when pressure in a water supply system becomes lower than 0.8 atm. When using the station consider that at its inclusion at neighbors pressure of water can fall to critical value.

2. In case water vanishes in general, use a system with the hydroaccumulator. It is the tank in which the sensor of water level which works if water level in the tank falls is located. The pump which turns on when opening the crane is attached to the capacity. The system continues to work until there is water in a tank. After in a water supply system there is water again, the tank is independently filled. Before an entrance from a water supply system surely install the filter. At selection of capacity of the tank expect that water in it has to be updated completely within two days.

3. Increase in pressure of water in capacity. If there is a system the crane capacity to increase water pressure in the crane, raise water level in any way. The simplest exit – just add waters in the tank. The liquid column will be higher, the pressure is more. The second option: lift the tank on the eminence, having connected it to the crane a flexible tube. Pressure of water will be in direct ratio to rise in level of liquid.

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