How to keep the daily log?

How to keep the daily log?

To stop by in a shoe workshop, to meet two clients, to buy the child new trousers, to buy home products to arrival of guests, to make a festive dinner … and so indefinitely. Every day we are expected by such lot of various cases that in the head all planned actions hardly find room. And hardly someone can brag of ideal memory and the fact that any business per day, week or month was not forgotten or is not executed. Actually work of our brain is far to an ideal. And it is not important whether office you the worker, or the head of the large company - at each person has to be attribute for planning of the time and a name to it – the daily log.

For what the daily log is necessary?

Besides that during record we remember better information, an opportunity to look through the list of the affairs allows to save forces and time considerably. Why personally do you need the daily log? Here only some powerful reasons to get:

  • records of important and small issues help your brain to be cleaned from excess information and it is respectively better to work;
  • the daily log – the best reminder on important issues;
  • by means of the daily log you can plan the time for week or the month ahead;
  • thanks to the daily log you will be able to analyze efficiency of the work and even to find mistakes in the acts or actions.

If you never used this remarkable attribute of the modern person, naturally you will have a question what to write in the daily log? For certain many already thought up an excuse that not so they plan many cases for day that still somewhere to fix them. However try to make an experiment – on the eve of new day, write out practically all affairs which you should execute. From important meetings to trifles, type to call the acquaintance and to buy bread. Be sure after you see all list, you will have no question any more that it is possible to write in the daily log.

So, the main goal is to get the paper assistant for every day. Now it is necessary to understand as it is necessary to work with the daily log that it really helped you.

How it is correct to keep the daily log?

Considering that your purpose is to plan the time, forces, and it is possible also life, for such control you need to make approximately following: get a cover folder with rings which are undone, blocks of white paper in a cage and sticky dividers of pages, and then divide your daily log into 5 subsections:

  1. Thoughts, the ideas (here you will write down spontaneously appeared thoughts, for example, to read some book, plans for the weekend or that it is possible to present to the acquaintance).
  2. Plans for day (in this section there have to be no more than 5 cases which it is necessary to execute in a day). More than 5 you should not plan since various sudden situations which surely will occur will not allow you to make more.
  3. Plans for week (common causes which need to be executed within a week and also those plans which you fixed to yourself for performance for a month business plus, arising during work).
  4. Plans for month (here you can fix important, but not urgent affairs, or other plans which concern realization of your global purposes).
  5. Current plans (in this section it is possible to write down phone numbers, notes about meetings, calls, purchases and other trifles).

Further you have to fix all entries in the daily log as follows:

  • at the beginning of a month you have to introduce plans for month, it is possible up to the forthcoming dates;
  • at the beginning every week needs to write down plans for week, let some of them will be assumed still;
  • on the eve of every day you need to write down 5 most important issues per day;
  • it is important to revise the section with current affairs each 2 weeks or month.

What else you already decide to write down in the daily log during work. Do not forget to cross out or circle those affairs that are already made. Revise all sections each 2 weeks or month. Delete those sheets which are already complete and place them in the separate folder created as archive. And how to keep the daily log further you will already be prompted by practice. Good luck to you in planning of the life!


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team