How to learn height above sea level

How to learn height above sea level

The ability to determine height of own location happens it is necessary at orientation in mountain areas when visibility insufficient. To measure height above sea level, the altitude indicator with quite simple principle of action is necessary – the device fixes change of height at decrease in atmospheric pressure.


1. Take the altitude indicator. In recent years wrist easy altitude indicators which, at very reasonable price, are offered the consumer were available for sale. Many devices of this sort are multipurpose and can act as a barometer or an electronic compass.

2. An example of measurement of height above sea level by means of the multipurpose Minox WindWatch pro device having such function. Take for a reference point pressure at sea level which changes from 950 to 1050 millibars depending on weather conditions.

3. Carry out calibration of the sensor of pressure, using the button with an arrow on the control panel directed up. Do it every time before carrying out measurements. Calibration when the difference of change of atmospheric pressure makes up to 5 millibars a day is especially necessary, it occurs at fast change of weather, then change of height reaches several meters or dozens of meters.

4. After establishment of height above sea level hold the Set button within 3 seconds to pass into the mode of installations. These pressure and heights on the screen of the device will begin to blink, showing atmospheric pressure, concerning sea level. Use the Set button for reduction of value, and for increase - the button with an arrow up. To measure value on one long.

5. Further pass into the main menu of the device. It will show height above sea level, time and air temperature relevant at the moment. Height is measured with a margin error in 1 m. Everything is automatic at an interval of ten seconds.

6. If meters or feet are necessary, press shortly the button with an arrow up.

7. If it is necessary to keep installations, press at the same time the button with an arrow and the Set button, holding several seconds. The display at the same time will pass into the mode of the main menu, having kept the necessary installations.

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