How to learn hypnosis?

How to learn hypnosis?

What strong-willed would not be people, it can appear under the influence of hypnosis. And though its action seems almost magic, actually it is result of the maximum relaxation. Hypnotized does not sleep and is in consciousness, it is only extremely narrowed and directed only to the hypnotist.

Where it is possible to learn hypnosis?

You can address experts, to gipnoterapevta which take pupils and train them in bases of suggestion and hypnotic influence. Classes can individually be given, in group, in the specialized centers or schools, on courses and trainings.

Vocational psychological and medical education gives more profound knowledge and skills. If your intentions are very serious, think over it as to learn to make powerful impact and long-term vocational training will help to own hypnosis at the professional level to you.

Whether it is possible to learn hypnosis independently - houses, according to books - and how to do it?

If you decided not to address neither teachers, nor trainers, be ready to assume responsibility and for success of the preparation, and for level of proficiency in hypnosis. That is you have to be for yourself both mentors, and the controller, and the judge. You should train, develop constantly skills of management of the body and emotions, and not just impacts on consciousness and subconsciousness of other people.

How to learn to do hypnosis of the house - 7 steps

  1. Develop confidence in Sebha and the abilities. Your confidence has to be full, absolute, it has to penetrate you and be transferred to anything who deals with you.
  2. Give the voice the hardness and credibility. You say short, clear phrases abruptly and accurately, but you do not shout and be not too energetic. Look for the correct tone and tempo of speech: it has to sound as the order and at the same time to be equal; the voice has to be loud, but soft.
  3. Be adjusted before a hypnosis session - get rid of tension, keep calm, restraint and determination. You can speak to yourself: "At me everything will turn out, I will perfectly cope".
  4. Come into contact with the partner before each session. Help it to relax, warming up shoulders, shaking hands, you speak - relax, trust in me, relax completely … Preparing the person for hypnosis, consider its features: you speak with it in a manner, habitual for it, do not concern him, avoid unpleasant subjects before its entry into a trance state.
  5. You speak - "Now I will begin to count up to 5 …", "Now I will cause a feeling of heat (prickings, relaxations) …".
  6. You look in the face during suggestion - a confident, "hypnotic" look which forces to submit and causes trust.
  7. Ask - what he feels? You monitor constantly reactions of the person and prevent them - he began to rock, immediately say: "Pulls you aside (forward, back)". Making passes hands, ask whether he feels heat (cold) and on his answer you speak with confidence: "Correctly, all and has to be". If your partner completely obeyed and follows you - you entered him into a condition of a hypnotic trance.

But before practicing hypnosis, acquire the rule: it is not a way to manipulate other person or to make of it a laughing-stock. This means of assistance, treatment, removal of pains and elimination of some deep personal problems and experiences. Only clinical psychologists owning hypnosis and qualified specialists with profile education can work at this level. Remember that during the hypnosis session at the person unexpected, atypical reactions can be shown, and only the professional will manage to cope with them.

Treat the training seriously and you remember the main precept of anything who works with people: do not do much harm.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team