How to learn sarcasm?

How to learn sarcasm?

The sarcasm is an "intense" expression of sense of humour thanks to which only one "tag" a phrase it is possible to put the person "into place", at the same time, without using rough expressions. Very many people want to seize such "reception" of the speech therefore we will try to understand how to learn sarcasm and to respond people to their roughness with irony and without rage.

How to learn to speak with sarcasm?

Several councils for people whom interests how to learn sarcasm and irony are given below:

  1. For a start you should broaden the horizons. Read more books, both fiction, and scientific. Try to expand the knowledge in various areas that you easily could "join" in a conversation on any subject.
  2. You watch speeches of satirists more often. Pay attention to their diction, "giving" of a word, intonation.
  3. It is necessary to study a lot of literature on psychology. To learn sarcasm, it is necessary to understand a little at least human psychology, sarcastic expression is based on this science.
  4. It is necessary to have good diction. That your sarcastic phrase was the most effective, it is necessary to say it accurately and distinctly, it is desirable with a strict look and at the same time not to grin. Daily carry out exercises on diction, "warm up" the organs of articulation.
  5. Develop sense of humour. If you have no sense of humour, then it will be impossible to learn sarcasm.
  6. Keep in mind that the person owning art of sarcasm will never show it, and will use "sharp" phrases only to the place and if necessary. If at communication with people you constantly use sarcastic expressions, then, most likely, either will acquire to yourself enemies or will lose friends.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team