How to learn the e-mail address?

How to learn the e-mail address?

E-mail – e-mail which is quite often called still soap. Today on soap everything is tied – communication, work, exchange of a contact information, photo and video files, etc. Today the address of the mailbox should be specified everywhere where it is necessary to be registered therefore it is important to know the e-mail address and to recognize him if it is required and as it to make, will be told in this article.

How to learn what e-mail address at me?

It is necessary to tell that the majority of the mail services provided today are components of a complex of options which allocated search engines. Today an opportunity to register the e-mail is given by such giants of search as Yandex, Rambler, Google and By drawing up the address of the box all these searchers suggest to use the same formula: the login + @ + the address of the used mail service. It turns out that if the chosen login is OksanaIvanova, then the address of a box will look as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. depending on a mail service.

Those who is interested how to learn the e-mail address if he forgot, are recommended to glance on the page of the chosen post resource. For example, those who wants to know how to learn the e-mail address in Yandex just are recommended to open the tab and to look at the right top corner. In the topmost line the login is specified, having clicked on which, it is possible to learn the full address of the mailbox. The same way it is worth arriving that who asks how to learn the e-mail address in a mail. Having gathered in an address line of the browser, it is possible to get on the page of a resource and in the top right corner to see the full address of the box.

How to recognize the e-mail address by the phone number?

At first to visit the page of a mail service where the box was registered. To click the help is necessary and to choose I do not remember a user name. The system will suggest to restore through an additional mailbox or phone, it is necessary to confirm the last. Having entered the number, the name and a surname, to choose a way of delivery, for example, as SMS. Further the test code which should be entered in the field on the following page will come to phone. After verification of the code the system will highlight the postal address to which the binding of the phone number was made. Here in such a way it is possible to restore the address of the box.

It is possible to call to the aid the websites which the person uses often or some of the last which he visited and left the address of the box. For example, if recently the announcement of sale on the website of Avito was submitted, then on the homepage of the website in the top near a badge of the little man the private office is located, and the box address is written below. As option, it is possible to contact someone from the acquaintances or colleagues with whom it was corresponded by mail earlier and to ask to remind the address of the box. If it is impossible to find the necessary information at all in any way, it is possible to address to technical support of the website and to ask to resolve a situation. As a rule, problems at the same time do not arise.

And if nothing important contains in old mail, then it is possible and not to spend time for recovery of earlier used login. It is possible just to get a new box and to use on health, and for prevention of similar problems further to write the address on a sticker and to attach it on the foreground, for example, on the computer monitor. It will be more difficult the password forgotten to recover therefore given information also it is always worth having near at hand, to especially active users of network who are registered on many resources.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team