How to learn the Morse alphabet?

How to learn the Morse alphabet?

In spite of the fact that, so-called, morse code was invented more than 160 years ago, it is used to this day. The beginning radio fans often do not know how to learn the Morse alphabet and it seems to them that it is not so simple to seize this way of information transfer. But today there are several ways which will help to remember combinations.

How quickly to learn the Morse alphabet?

To seize morse code it is necessary to make the following:

  1. To find the table of designations (see below).
  2. By means of this table not less than 1-2 hours a day within 2-3 weeks to try to make words and offers. It is proved that if to find the specified time for occupations, then in 1-1.5 weeks of people will remember designations.
  3. Along with writing of phrases it is necessary to begin to listen to simple records of broadcasts and to translate them by means of the table. Such educational and training transfers can be got on disks or to download on the Internet. They are used at special schools of radio operators, but with their help it is possible to learn the Morse alphabet and independently. It is only necessary to spend for occupations not less than 1 hour a day.
  4. In 1-1.5 months you will notice that you began to understand morse code and to quickly translate training tasks, then it will be possible to move to more difficult level and to use records in which the rate of data transmission quicker.

There is only one rule which helps as it is easy to learn the Morse alphabet, and to seize any other knowledge, is a regularity of occupations. Remember that professional radio operators spend for trainings for 5-7 hours a day at a grade level. If to give classes daily and to devote to them 2-3 hours, then in 30-40 days it is possible to see result of the works.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team