How to learn to do a somersault back?

How to learn to do a somersault back?

If interests how to learn to do a somersault back, then for a start take care of the place of performance of this exercise. The best option – the gym where there are a lot of place and mats, but also in house conditions it is possible to hold similar trainings. That to hook on nothing and not to be traumatized, best of all to train on the street where there is an opportunity to lay mattresses and blankets, it is necessary to secure itself in case of falling. Experts recommend to have a number of the friend who can secure and pay attention to mistakes.

How to learn to do a somersault back from the place?

To start performance of this rather difficult exercise unprepared, at least, silly. Physical training and an extension is of great importance therefore if you cannot become even on the bridge, then it is better to refuse this invention.

Before understanding as it is correct to do a somersault back, it is necessary to tell about preparation without which to achieve result it will not turn out. Do usual somersaults and also high jumps, trying to be grouped in the highest point, having clasped legs with hands. Find assistants and you learn to do a simple revolution back. You hang on a horizontal bar and try to be grouped, and then, it is correct to land on the earth. Very effective exercise – jumps on the height. Many make mistakes, doing a somersault because of the available fear. That to get rid of it, you learn to fall back. Put mats and just fall a back back, and then, carry out too, but from the height. Similar exercises will allow to get rid of fear.

How to do a somersault back in house conditions:

  1. Put legs on width of shoulders and bend them in knees a little. Raise hands up to make a good wave. The look needs to be directed strictly forward.
  2. Lower hands down, get them back and make a sharp move hands. During it it is necessary to make a start properly from a floor legs and to jump up up.
  3. In air it is necessary to be grouped, having bent legs in knees and having embraced them hands. It is worth noticing that the revolution becomes hips. After twisting back, it is important in time to be ungrouped. It is necessary to land on socks, having bent legs in knees.

How to learn to do a somersault back from a wall?

This option of exercise needs to be done from running start. Having run up to a wall, jump on it one leg and deviate back. There will be it the right or left leg solve as it not essentially. After the body is parallel to a floor, it is necessary to take the second leg a small step on a wall and to wave properly hands for twisting. Important as it is possible to reject stronger back the head as if not to make it, then getting injured is provided.


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