How to learn to have a rest?

How to learn to have a rest?

The slackness, laziness, powerlessness, apathy – are familiar such feelings? If yes, that time once and for all to understand the food and a day regimen. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to how there passes the most usual day, constant tension near the monitor behind a desktop within a day, absolutely will definitely not allow to get enough sleep even in 7 hours.

Already it is no secret, that healthy nutrition – a fundamental part of a way of life of healthy people. So it is necessary to exclude artificial food, semi-finished products and, in particular, alcohol. All this steals our power.

How to learn to have a rest and relax without alcohol?

Not always it turns out to reconstruct so that to spend time as well as usually, but to exclude alcohol. All focus that at most of people initially the word "rest" is associated with consumption of alcoholic drinks, automatically including carrying out time on parties, in clubs, etc. As a result, the atmosphere supplements alcohol, and already without it, as they say in the people "not ice", sober in such conditions just boredom out of boredom. A conclusion - change of culture of rest.

It consists of the solution of several simple stages:

  1. To find the place allowing to relax. It has to be comfortable, rather spacious, deprived of excess noise and strangers.
  2. To surround itself with close people with whom there are a lot of common interests. It will help to be liberated, and your consciousness will remain sober without alcohol.
  3. Leisure has to become interesting. Stop on active holiday, like mountain skis, cyclings, outdoor games. However, in the big company it is possible to spend cheerfully time and behind board games.

However, it is impossible to relax really if not to understand how to have a rest psychologically as the relax means existence of three components: intellectual, physical and emotional. Without balance in these three spheres, good rest is impossible. The main message of this principle – at intellectual fatigue, it is necessary to have a rest from intellectual activity, having replaced it activity in two remained (physical and emotional).


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team