How to learn to ride a snowboard?

How to learn to ride a snowboard?

The question of how to learn to ride a snowboard, is very relevant for all subjects who loves speed, dizzy descents and beauty of the winter nature. Besides, today this expensive, but popular sport already passed into the category of the Olympic types that allocates it with the mass of advantages: state support, possibility of participation in competitions, new level of prestige.

How to begin to ride a snowboard?

Before recovering in sports shop and to get to itself a fashionable board, at first surely test the strength. Especially it concerns those who never rode neither mountain skiing, nor a snowboard. Not the fact that you will come from it to rough delight and decide to study all knowledge by all means as each person perceives active holiday differently. And even when accounting how the snowboard in general is popular and interesting, you cannot be sure that it will be pleasant also to you until you try.

  1. So, for a start find out where it is possible to ride a snowboard – where suitable slopes and it is possible to hire equipment.
  2. Take skilled friends who will teach you to elements.
  3. Do not forget about suitable clothes and a layered clothing!
  4. Come to the mountain and try to sweep on instructing of your friends.

It is the only way to learn whether it is difficult to ride a snowboard. Each person has a different predisposition to sport: one everything works well from the first attempt, and others cannot normally learn to keep balance, to disperse, brake, etc.

After your first attempt (or attempts) it will become clear to you whether it is worth investing in equipment whether you want to be engaged in it further. In this case it is possible to think of further steps.

Where to learn to ride a snowboard?

When you were already defined that you need it, got all necessary, before you there will be a question: where to learn to ride a snowboard? As a rule, in ski resorts it is easy to find the instructor who for $25-50 an hour will train you in all necessary. It is better to find such instructor in advance online as they, as a rule, are very loaded and work by appointment.

As a last resort, if you cannot employ for some reason the instructor, you should ask for the help skilled friends. However, if your first trial trainings were successful, most likely you already know elements and can try to study independently.

Ideally trainings begin not at mountain top at all, and proceed slowly and gradually. Usually sequence is as follows:

  1. Choose the flat, flat place where nobody will disturb you, and fasten one leg to a board.
  2. Dangle a leg, get used to a board on it. Study a board: try to establish its elasticity, approximate weight, jump on it, be twisted on one place.
  3. Try to be passed in the flat place, as on a skateboard, making a start not fastened leg. Do small and frequent pushes by a leg not to fall.
  4. Try to make a start a free leg, to put it on a board near fastening and to go on a straight line.
  5. When these small manipulations well are successful, go to a small snow-covered slope and repeat the previous exercise on it. Distribute weight between two legs evenly, and it is better – with the emphasis on a front leg which is fastened. Train 20-30 minutes.
  6. Get up a back to descent, be fastened, slightly thrust socks of boots during snow, standing on tiptoe. Lowering heels, you will slide off down, lifting – to stop. Do not lower a heel completely, otherwise you will fall on a back.

There is a big variety of exercises for beginners who though not too interesting, but allow to develop the correct equipment. The more you train, the result is better!


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team