How to learn to run quickly?

How to learn to run quickly?

The sport is an integral part of our life. Since ancient times the people like to compete among themselves, organizing different sports. Now, the sprint - high-speed sprint for a while becomes one of the most popular sports, and people who are engaged in it are called sprinters. The sprinter perfectly knows how very quickly to run. And that to the ordinary person, not the athlete to learn how quickly to run, it is necessary to read theoretical material, such as, for example, it is presented in this article, to remember it, and then to pass to a practical training.

So, how to learn to run very quickly? How it is correct to run quickly? And what to do quickly to run?

It is known that for achievement of positive results in any kind of sport, it is necessary to improve the physical shape constantly. Quickly to run and at once not to get tired you need to begin with such important criterion in sport as endurance of an organism. Begin with simple walking every day within 30-40 minutes a minimum. It is possible to go anywhere and with any speed, it is necessary that your organism got used to the regular movement. In few weeks it is possible to pass to jogging. At this stage you monitor the movement of yours a foot. The main thing to accustom itself it is correct to put foot on the earth and it is correct to make a start - it is necessary to make a start a foot sock, and when landing, at first to put on the earth a heel, and then and a sock. If you want to know how it is correct to run quickly, remember this above rule. It is possible to run on socks only at trainings, during the competitions all foot has to work - from a heel to a sock, it is very important. After your organism got used to daily trainings and you can already run without effort several kilometers without otdyshka and stitches it is possible to start high-speed run.

So, how to begin to run quickly? And how it is possible to run long and quickly?

After you prepared an organism for long physical activities, you need to choose a distance for sprint. It is desirable to begin with 50-60 meters. The result of a run in many respects depends on how you will behave on start, how fast will make a start from the earth. Means, for a start you need to work this moment - not obligatory at first to run all 50-60 meters, you should reduce time of the first 10 meters. And only after that begin to train at all distance. It is necessary not to forget about the movement of foot, to raise knees at run highly, to move hands as soon as possible. And the most important - a mental positive sports spirit - today you became stronger and quicker, than yesterday, yours waits for a suitcase of money on the finishing line, for you the angry rival runs.

If you want not only to learn how to learn to run quickly, but also as to do it at big distances, then you need to pay special attention to endurance - it is possible to resemble to the pool to develop lungs, to improve breath. It is possible to be engaged in the exercises directed to strengthening of muscles of legs - daily squat on two legs and on one leg serially, jumps up steps, walking "in single file" (you squat, hands for the head). But it is better to resemble in gym for strengthening of the general physical training. The extension and a warming up of muscles before a training is also surely necessary every day.

Let's sum up the result. How to learn to run and reduce quickly as transit time at a distance is possible stronger? The answer is elementary simple - daily physical exercises and record of your results in a notebook will help you to lay claim to the leader in this sport.

Also you remember that to apply for something, it is necessary to count for something and to count for something, it is necessary to reach something. Everything depends on you. The best of luck!


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team