How to learn to skate?

How to learn to skate?

In the winter and pulls on a skating rink! There music, sliding, spinning … In it something ancient is felt, even, perhaps, aristocratical. But what to do if you have an idea only on "Ice Age" or similar transfers of other channels of skates?

Certainly to learn to ride! And in this article councils will be considered how to learn to skate.

At once it is necessary to tell that it is better to study with the individual trainer. So if the person is interested how quickly to learn to skate, then occupations with the professional is what is necessary. However many for any of several reasons do not want or cannot choose this option. It is necessary to get acquainted in more detail with councils how it is correct to learn to skate independently.

Choice of skates

Contrary to established opinion, skates it is not necessary to select two sizes more leg at all. One size that it was possible to put on a woolen sock suffices. It is better to put on socks after all even if the person wants to ride artificial ice: dense laying will protect from blows and will not allow a leg to freeze.

Laces should be chosen as nonslipping and to carefully lace up skates, especially around an ankle: it will protect an ankle from injuries.

We prepare morally (and not only)

To be prepared for an exit one ice better than the house, having spent for it, let us assume, week. So the answer to a question how to learn it is good to skate, only one: to train and implement recommendations.

It is necessary to begin houses. To put on and lace up skates in covers and to resemble a little in them about the room. When it becomes clear that it is possible to hold balance surely, it is necessary to undertake a back of a chair and to try to bend legs to a semi-squat. When and it begins to turn out, it is necessary to start performance of exercise on one leg.

On a skating rink!

Here also time to come to ice came. It is not necessary to postpone this moment too far, the main training will be on ice. It is necessary to prisognut legs in knees, to put a foot so that legs were "filled slightly up" inside, and socks of legs are developed.

Transferring weight from one leg to another, it is necessary to begin the movement. That leg that behind, it has to be developed by a sock slightly more, than that, which ahead. It is necessary to be pushed with it slightly. It should be done not by teeth (they not for pushing and braking, and for performance of elements of figure skating), and edge inside. The person will begin to move slowly and will stop as soon as ceases to make efforts for the movement. But if after all there is a need urgently to slow down, it is necessary to turn both legs socks inside.

How to learn to skate a backing?

At first it is necessary to look that nobody behind was. To rise to a side and to make a start. It is necessary to get used to this feeling and to be convinced that the head is not turned. Now to prisonut legs again and to move as well as forward, only to be pushed not with a "back" leg, but "lobby".

If it is interesting how to learn to ride hockey skates, then it is necessary to use the same recommendations. The equipment for beginners, in fact, does not differ for figured and hockey skates. Unless hockey skates have no cloves, so, and there is no temptation them to be pushed. Therefore sometimes even girls are advised to be begun to be studied not as figured, and on hockey skates. Technology of performance of training of skating is quite simple and does not demand a lot of time. It is necessary only to try and not to be afraid to come to ice. Then everything will turn out.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team