How to learn to ski?

How to learn to ski?

As Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy told: ""It is necessary to stir up by all means itself physically that exciting to be moral"". And if you decided to support the health and ""to stir up yourself physically"", but do not know what to begin with, the skiing will become not only an optimal variant for a raising of your health, but also will bring a storm of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions in your everyday life. Also there will be it at once as soon as at you it turns out to move down from the first slope!

But you should not hurry. For a start you should master some abilities inherent in this sport. Be not engaged in amateur performance, independently at all (without the assistance of the instructor or just a friend) to learn to ride mountain or cross-country skis it is almost impossible, and there is very high probability to be traumatized or break the rented or just bought skis.

So how after all to learn to ski?

First, at first it is desirable to learn to ride cross-country skis as this type of skiing is less injury-causing, than mountain skiing. It is obligatory how it was already told above, you need the person knowing not only how to learn to ski, but also where you can turn your dream into reality. It is optional to employ to this professional instructor, there is enough that your assistant knew the basic rules of ski driving. This person will direct you in order that you accurately carried out movements during the walking or descent on skis and to insure if there is a need.

One more council: having decided to learn to ski, you should not run in shop of sports goods at once and to buy skis and a suit, for the first or second time (you maybe will not like to ride, and money it is necessary to lay out much) to rent necessary equipment enough. The main thing, sticks have to be not above armpits, and skis - are not higher than height which your palm extended up reaches.

And where it is possible to learn to ski? There are two safe options - equal (without descents) a knurled ski track or flat equal descent. You need to get up on skis on absolutely horizontal surface, to clasp fastenings and to try to step as usual (as though you in plain footwear), having a little inclined a back forward. When you walk the right leg, the hand, left with a stick, and vice versa comes forward. As soon as you feel sliding, and your skis will begin you to obey, it is possible to pass to flat descent at once. Don't be afraid! During slow descent you will be able to experience really management and even if you will fall, then at most you will earn bruise from the flat hill. Try to fall always sideways. When you master a classical type of movement, can pass to more high-speed – skiing with the fad.

How to learn to ski the fad?

For this purpose you need to arrange skis in the form of a daw - the front ends of skis separately, back - together, the corner has to be no more than 60 °. You transfer body weight to one leg, the second leg make a start, helping sticks when sliding comes to an end, do the same, since other leg. The back has to be inclined forward, the type of a ski track will remind a fir-tree. It is also possible to ask your assistant that he got up ahead of you and began the movement with the fad, you will look at it and to copy movements, thus, you will gain skills of driving quicker.

And now we will undertake conquest of mountain tops!

The most attractive, expensive and dangerous type of skiing is a mountain skiing. There is even such expression - ""Downhill skiing is a downhill racing of your money"". But all this is unimportant, in comparison with that how many pleasure and impressions you receive from mountain skis!

To learn to ride mountain skiing, to you, as well as in a case with running, the assistant or the instructor and, of course, a gentle slope is necessary. After you clasp fastenings, you have to experience the movement of ski boots, they are specially made so that not to allow you to fall, they fix your shin.

If you need to slow down at a small speed (and at first it is dangerous to you to disperse), then being on any kind of skis, you have to move apart slowly heels of skis and slowly connect socks of skis. The movement on mountain skiing will depend on what position of a body you accepted (bent forward, to the left or to the right stronger) and what corner and pressure you give to skis with the help by a foot. Of course, it is desirable that your friend or the instructor went a little ahead of you, then you will have a bright example after which at you the remained questions of how to learn to ski will disappear.

Progress to you in new undertakings!


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team