How to learn to throw knives?

How to learn to throw knives?

The knife throwing, it not only the popular room in circus, but also perfect occupation to get rid of a stress and, as they say, to exhaust. Still the similar hobby improves coordination and an eye estimation.

How to learn to throw usual knives?

For throwing it is possible to use not only special blades, but also perochinny or usual kitchen appliances.

Turn to the left and extend before yourself a palm of the right hand. On an edge of a palm put a knife the handle from yourself. Having defined a balance point, undertake an edge and threaten. The knife has to make a semicircle and come to be in the purpose. The applied force depends on distance. It is a little practice, you will feel a knife, and the result will be achieved.

How it is necessary to throw knives from above?

If you chose for yourself such hobby, then it is worth getting special knives. Get up the left side to a target, legs at shoulder length. Take a knife in the right hand, and left extend towards the purpose. Make swing the right hand, the knife has to be or the heads, or at its level are higher. You hold a blade on one axis with a forearm. Doing a push by the right leg and a strong wave a hand, throw a blade into the purpose. It is necessary to throw on an exhalation.

How to throw knives without turns?

Experts claim that it is simple to such equipment to study. It is based that rotation of a knife is compensated by a brush and it, without turning in air, hits an edge the mark. For such equipment it is necessary to choose a knife 20 cm long, as no more than 4 mm thick and without hooks on the handle. It is simple to throw metalny knives the nonrecourse equipment as the main thing here, to control position of a hand. The elbow is a conditional point and exactly around it there is a rotation of a forearm and palm. It has to be before a breast and in a motionless state. Experts recommend, to present a wall near the right shoulder and to make a throw along it. For increase in centrifugal force in a final point of a throw, the brush makes rotary motion.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team