How to learn to write with the left hand?

How to learn to write with the left hand?

The person is such creation to which irrepressible thirst of knowledge is peculiar, aspiration to constant development, desire to be improved. Probably, because of it adults many already think of how to learn to write with the left hand. Lefthanders in our world – the whole 15%, gradually their quantity increases. Probably the refusal of parents, tutors and teachers of retraining them is the reason for that.

Why to write the average inhabitant with the left and right hand? Some persons wish to receive such original talent only out of idle curiosity, others wish to develop in such non-standard way the right hemisphere of a brain which is responsible for creative thinking, an intuition. Many persons, more practical, believe that this ability can be useful in usual life.

For a long time it is known that our left hemisphere operating the right part of a body is responsible for logical thinking, and right – for intuitive perception of reality, creative "vein", ability of the person it is non-standard to think, brightly to feel. In many works devoted to development of creative and intuitive abilities it is said about what for this purpose it is useful to write with the left hand. Moreover, advise not simply to practise in such unusual calligraphy, but also to make the left hand various actions – to brush teeth, to dial the phone number, to work with a computer mouse and so on.

How to write with the left hand: detailed instruction

If you think that to learn it as easy as shelling pears, you are deeply mistaken. How it is correct to write with the left hand? Before beginning a training, observe the lefthander in process. The hand of the lefthander will be bent in a wrist, rather unnatural image. The main complexity is in what is written by all of us, both lefthanders, and right-handed persons, with Leva on the right, but the lefthander cannot just see result.

Pay attention as the paper leaf where there passes its axis lies. In its arrangement it is extremely important that the top corner of a leaf was placed above right. Thanks to it hands will not be tired so as though the leaf was located habitually. Besides, everything written will get to your field of vision, and you will be able to watch quality of handwriting. Try, process for certain will go far easier.

To understand how it is beautiful to write with the left hand, more or less accurately, it is necessary to learn to hold in a special way in hand an instrument of labor (pencil, the handle). Lefthanders usually undertake this subject at distance approximately in three centimeters from the surface of paper, that is is a little higher, than right-handed persons. Try not to strain excessively fingers, so forces will leave very quickly.

If you wish to be engaged seriously in training, get in shop of a notebook for first graders, that is to Kosaya liniya. In the first weeks of trainings of a letter it is better to do more, thus to you in the help also the muscle memory will work. If during the occupation you feel pain, an ache in fingers, be not a hero. It is for want of habit very heavy to write, thus, therefore let's themselves have a rest. Take a break, exercises for fingers.

In this difficult business practice, regular and constant is necessary. At any opportunity try to make entries by the left hand - in the daily log, a notebook. try also other actions to do by the left hand - to draw, for example. Attention needs to be paid also to its general development. In the beginning your movements will be ridiculous, inept, but gradually it will pass.

Work on yourself, develop the hidden talents. Who knows, it is quite possible that, having developed the creative abilities by means of this technique, you shortly will become really creative person – the artist, the poet, the musician!


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team