How to learn when a full moon

How to learn when a full moon

Still in the ancient time people noticed that the Moon is capable to influence their lives. They waited for a full moon to hold various rituals, to look in the past or the future. Even today many believe that in a full moon it is necessary to plant some plants to reap a rich crop, to go on a diet to have a slender body. They are even sure that in a full moon they dream only prophetic dreams or nightmares.

Myths and superstitions about the full Moon

From time immemorial the full Moon caused in people fear, internal awe and feeling of approach something mysterious. It and is not strange as many superstitions are connected with the Moon. They say that during this lunar phase there is a large number of quarrels, accidents, accidents and even murders. The American scientists disproved this fact. They checked all statistics of accidents and murders almost in all clinics of the country. The result showed that during a full moon of such incidents it is no more at all, than in usual time.

Some people are sure that in the period of the full Moon the subconsciousness talks to them during sleep. Actually, dreams in a full moon differ in nothing from usual dreams. Nightmares mean that the person was simply tired physically. The monsters which dreamed in such night say rather that sleeping it is not happy with the environment.

Myths about bad dreams in a full moon appeared still before on streets made lighting. Then the bright full Moon interrupted a sleep of people, and they decided to explain it with presence of mysterious otherworldly forces. Some are sure that in a full moon various rituals can work. It is impossible to disprove or prove this fact as there are people who blindly trust in otherworldly forces. Only the Liverpool doctor Barr supported lunar myths. He noted that in a full moon the condition of his insane becomes valid a little worse. In spite of the fact that not one myth about the full Moon is not proved, these myths continue to exist.

Lunar calendar

To learn when there comes the full moon it is possible according to the Lunar calendar. This calendar is the most ancient calendar from all existing. Even the Solar calendar appeared after it. The first Lunar calendar was created in Egypt about 6 millennia ago. The modern calendar shows the cyclic movement of the Moon. The lunar cycle proceeds about 29.5 days. The moon passes 4 phases (new moon, the 1st quarter, a full moon, the last quarter), the new moon begins in new zodiac sign all the time. Every year there are 12 full moons. The calendar of full moons for 2014: On January 16 – 08:52 (zodiac sign – Cancer); On February 15 – 03:53 (Lev); On March 16 – 21:08 (Maiden); On April 15 – 11:42 (Scales); On May 14 – 23:15 (Scorpion); On June 13 – 08:11 (Sagittarius); On July 12 – 15:24 (Capricorn); On August 10 – 22:09 (Aquarius); On September 09 – 05:38 (Fishes); On October 08 – 14:50 (Arieses); On November 07 – 02:22 (Tauruses); On December 06 – 16:26 (Twins).

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