How to live with HIV?

How to live with HIV?

Human immunodeficiency virus. For this purpose, who hears this diagnosis from the doctor, it sounds, at least, as a sentence. And the problem here not only in confusion how further to live with AIDS, makes a huge problem also moral ethical aspect of a question today. Unfortunately, society did not learn to accept as equals yet people who are infected with a virus. However, having even caught, it is possible to live long, full-fledged, and, above all happy life.

How do people live with HIV?

Problem of most of owners of the HIV virus – insufficient knowledge of the disease. The rule "forewarned is forearmed" works and in this case. And for a start we will concern what has to know not only caught, but also each person living on our planet:

  1. In answers to a question how many there lives the HIV virus, there is a huge amount of delusions. During the laboratory researches the concentration of a virus exceeds that that meets in the nature at least by 100.000 times. It can live up to three days in such volumes. But, considering what in the nature of such quantity of a virus does not happen, the answer to a question how many there lives HIV out of an organism remains definite – only several minutes.
  2. Other case – safety of a virus in the used syringes and needles. During the numerous researches it was revealed that in those syringes where there was large volume of blood, and there was constant temperature of storage, the HIV virus could live up to 48 days. For this reason for prevention it is categorically forbidden to reuse syringes.
  3. The set of myths is connected with a possibility of transfer of HIV through saliva. For example, during a kiss. Here it is important to remember – through sneezing, cough and a kiss concentration of a virus is so low that infection will not occur. Today there are only three main ways of transfer of HIV:
  • sexually (through sperm and allocations from a vagina);
  • through blood and when using unsterile syringes and needles;
  • to the child from pregnant mother: through a placenta so far a fruit in a womb, through blood during childbirth, in the period of a lactation during chest feeding.
  1. People often confuse such concepts as HIV and AIDS. It is important to know that it not the same. AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is one of HIV stages. The person can be for years the infection carrier, but not reach before that there was AIDS.
  2. Most of people interests a question as long live with HIV. The exact answer to this question does not exist as it is impossible to measure life expectancy of one infected person. Epidemic of AIDS arose a little more than 25 years ago. Some of the first infected people live still. Besides quite recently effective methods of a stop of development of HIV and health recovery appeared.

Whether it is possible to live with HIV?

Having found in itself HIV or AIDS, many do not know how to live further. They can have a ball or fall on the contrary into a deep depression. But it is worth remembering that even with such scary diagnosis it is possible to lead full-fledged life. It is important not to allow development of an infection only. And for this purpose it is necessary to adhere to a certain way of life:

  1. To eat properly. In a diet of big HIV there have to be many proteins (fishes, meat, a bird, nuts, bean and dairy products). In addition it is necessary to accept multivitamins.
  2. To be engaged in physical education. Gymnastic activity and sport not only will strengthen health, but also will help to cope with uneasiness and a depression. Aerobic exercises, gymnastics and power trainings in gym are useful.
  3. To lower or at all to exclude addictions. Alcohol intake in small amounts will not do any harm. As for smoking – it is unhealthy, but does not influence HIV in any way.
  4. To be protected during sexual intercourse. The unprotected sex is much more dangerous to HIV-positive as infections sexually transmitted can worsen a condition of immunity. Here syphilis and opportunistic infections belong. For example, cytomegalovirus.

Scientists continue to work on the vaccines against a virus of the imunnodifitsit and achieved considerable success in this area. Despite the fact that, the medicine which is completely exterminating an infection is not created yet, the way of life and supportive applications give the person a chance to stop development of a virus and even to get rid of it.

But there are questions which concern not only fight against an infection. To this day not solved are many ethical problems of the attitude towards the people living about HIV and AIDS. There are they for the reason that most of people around simply does not know how to live with the HIV-positive and betray him discrimination. It was meanwhile proved that the virus is not transmitted through household contact. Besides since 1995 all HIV-positive people and patients with AIDS are protected at the state level and the same rights, as well as other citizens have. Any attempt of discrimination in any country is punishable. And it confirms once again that HIV is not a sentence, but an opportunity to live full-fledged life with more careful care of the health.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team