How to make a canopy for the car?

How to make a canopy for the car?

The canopy is a shelter for the car to disappear from a rain, snow or the scorching sun. It is built in the yard by owners of frequent houses irrespective of, they have a garage or not. Thanks to information on how most to make a canopy for the car, it is possible to build a design quickly and without the assistance of builders that will help to save the quite good sum. For work it is possible to use different options, but metal or a tree is considered the most optimum.

Before understanding as it is correct to make a canopy, it is necessary to pay attention and the platform under it. That the design was strong, it is recommended to flood the base under support and it is the best of all to give preference to tape option.

How most to make a canopy for the car?

The most optimal variant for a roof is a little rounded off form. For this purpose it is necessary to bend pipes to desirable radius. Each beam should be attached to racks, using the kerchief made of metal. For each rack it is necessary to take two kerchiefs. Fasten details, using bolts, and then, paint all with special paint that they did not become covered by corrosion in the future. Finding out as it is correct to make a canopy for the car, it is worth noticing that height of a design has to be at least 2.5 m. Dig holes and establish in them support which have to connect to asbestos cement pipes. To strengthen a design, use the logs made of a profile pipe. After the framework is fixed and leveled it will be possible to pass to concreting of racks. It was necessary only to block a roof. For this purpose most often use polycarbonate. This material strong and well bends therefore is suitable for a canopy, as well as possible. Cut out layers of polycarbonate of necessary length and attach them to racks by means of self-tapping screws or rivets.

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