How to make a cloud

How to make a cloud

Which of us in the childhood did not dream to touch the real cloud, and to execute this desire much more simply, than it seems. It is possible to make an own cloud directly in a bottle.

It is required to you

  • Water
  • Transparent plastic bottle
  • Matches


1. That to make cloud, at first pour hot water in a 2-liter bottle (approximately on 5 cm).

2. Now blow in a bottle. Having placed a mouth directly by a bottle neck, blow very much to make sure that in a bottle any more at all there is no place.

3. Accurately and fast screw up a bottle a lid and strongly stir up it approximately within one minute.

4. Light a match and allow it to burn several seconds. Quickly turn off a cover, throw into it the burning match and again close a cap.

5. Put a bottle sideways. Better on dark paper that results of experience were better visible. And now cloud time has come: press a bottle and keep pressure within 10 seconds. Press as it is possible stronger that the bottle was under pressure.

6. Release a bottle. Also look whether the cloud appeared. If the cloud was not created yet, squeeze a bottle once again, and then release. As soon as your cloud is ready, open a bottle, and, slightly having squeezed it, release a cloud in the atmosphere.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team