How to make a ladder with own hands?

How to make a ladder with own hands?

To rise by the second floor or by the attic, the ladder is necessary. Today in hardware stores or in private offices it is possible to order practically any design, but if desired and ability to work with a tree, it is possible to make a ladder from boards with own hands as a task simple.

Finding out as it is correct to make a ladder, it is worth beginning with important calculations. Height of a ladder is defined how distance between a finished floor of the ground and second floor. As for height of steps, the value has to enter a limit of 15-20 cm, the average value, that is 17 cm usually undertakes. To define their quantity, divide ladder length into height of steps and if the uneven value turned out, then just reduce height of the lower step. Value of width appear has to enter a limit from 22 to 40 cm. Width depends directly on free space and personal preferences. For determination of length of a ladder it is necessary to increase width appear on quantity of steps.

How to make a ladder with own hands?

Correctly to mount a ladder, it is necessary to begin with a miscalculation of a bias which can be from 25 to 40 degrees. Everything depends on that, where exactly it is necessary to make a ladder. For work it is necessary to prepare boards from a pine of 400х40 mm and 250х25 mm, bars 50х50 and also joiner's glue, varnish, primer, metal corners, cores and self-tapping screws.

How to make a wooden ladder with own hands:

  1. For a ladder bowstring, it is necessary to take boards of 400х40 mm. On them it is necessary to make a marking of a horizontal of steps, being guided by their actual height. Intervals have to be identical, except for the last piece to which it should be added unit, considering floor height. After that make a space for steps and note spaces for installation of prostupy.
  2. Using a circular saw and being guided by templates, make pro-saws no more than 10 mm in depth. Then, take a chisel and remove an excess tree between the made pro-saws that identical grooves turned out.
  1. That most to make a ladder, repeat all actions and with the second board as two bowstrings which should in finished form be established into position are necessary. Using metal corners, attach bowstrings to a floor, using self-tapping screws.
  1. Time of steps which it is necessary to cut out 250х25 mm from a board came. Use the known measurements, and here you saw by means of a circular saw. For good connection of steps with a bowstring, it is recommended to process faces the grinder.
  1. Now we connect steps and a bowstring for what miss the mark faces of the first and grooves of the last with joiner's glue. For this purpose it is possible to use not only a brush, but also a usual stick, the main thing that the layer was uniform.
  1. To make a strong ladder at the dacha with own hands, it is necessary to add a coupler, using galvanized rods with a carving on the ends. At first make openings in each bowstring, and then, insert a rod and record nuts with broad laying since two ends. Will be three rods enough: one at the level of the second step, the second lower than two steps from above and one more on the center.
  1. To the lower rod it is necessary to establish a rack, using a bar. To it it will be necessary only to fix two boards, considering that top has to be at the height at least 90 cm of rather top step. In end it is necessary to process a ladder and hand-rail properly to process an emery paper to avoid in the future splinters and chips. That the tree did not decay, process a design special primer from rotting. It will be necessary only to cover a ladder with transparent varnish.

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