How to make a marker

How to make a marker

Now in shops markers for every taste and color are on sale. But despite this the ability to make them own hands can be required by you. Besides its production will practically not cost anything to you.


1. To make marker the hands, you will need to take package of already used tone cosmetic. But here not the usual tube, but the packing proofreader reminding a thick long marker is necessary. Can perfectly approach and such from which means was taken by means of expression or twisting.

2. Now try to investigate independently packing from tone means. After that surely carefully wash out it. Check that in a tube there was no trace of cosmetics left. Consider that the carving of plastic tubes can be damaged easily. Therefore very accurately you carry out analysis and cleaning of packing of future marker that not to spoil it.

3. After you clean capacity from tone means, examine it and remove all elements which will not be required to you. It is possible to take and throw out a spring. Besides, it is worth removing the limiter of the direction of rotation from packing. It is necessary in order that you could squeeze out without effort not only outside packing contents but also to involve new liquid inside. The design of a marker will remind the reusable syringe.

4. Gather any liquid in your capacity. Such marker can be used not only for drawing, but also during the technical works. Therefore also not only paint, but and also and various oils can be liquid. Then densely twirl packing. Try to remove a cap from a marker, and then accurately twist its case. It is carried usually out for check of operation of the self-made device.

5. By means of such rotating case you easily will be able to adjust amount of the coming-out liquid from a marker. It should be noted that it is very convenient in any situations. It can be useful both at usual drawing and during greasing of details various liquids.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team