How to make a permanent magnet

How to make a permanent magnet

Magnets are necessary for production of devices. Without them it is impossible to manufacture, for example, the hard drive of the computer or speaker systems. Natural magnets are not enough therefore artificially created magnets completely can satisfy needs of mankind.

It is required to you

  • The screw-driver, the oiled paper, the fuse, the switch, copper wire.


1. It is possible to produce by the simplest method a magnet only having carried out several times in one direction in the magnetized subject by a strong permanent magnet. But such magnet will quickly lose the properties, will have weak magnetic field and can be used for simple actions, for example, to get a needle from a crack in a floor, or to attract bolts.

2. Magnetization by means of the battery. The electromagnet will give magnetic properties to a metal subject. Let's consider on the example of the screw-driver. Reel up 200-300 rounds of a wire which is used for production of transformers on the screw-driver which is wrapped up in the insulator and connect it to the battery or the accumulator on 5-12 volts. The electromagnetic field will magnetize the screw-driver.

3. It is possible to make stronger permanent magnet the following method - by means of the induction coil. Preparation for a magnet has to be such size completely to be located in the coil. Perform the operations described above, but rounds make approximately twice more.

4. If you use power supply network current - do not forget to put the fuse. Then consistently connect the coil to the safety lock. At inclusion in network the safety lock can burn down, but the strong electromagnetic field will manage to load the metal which is in the coil.

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