How to make a rocket

How to make a rocket

Without knowing, than to be engaged with the child on the day off, be engaged in knowledge of laws of physics. You can independently, involving the help of the child, to build a hydropneumatic rocket which will fly up on 20-25 meters. It is required for this purpose very little.

It is required to you

  • - pair of kapron stockings cut on a spiral on tapes 5 cm wide.
  • - wooden coil from threads
  • - talc
  • - three pacifiers for small bottles
  • - plywood scraps
  • - rubber glue
  • - pump for soccerballs
  • - big thick stick or wooden bar
  • - several sheets of paper
  • - knife
  • - emery paper


1. Take bar or a stick and plane from it a pig in the form of a rocket. The main thing that this preparation was a streamline shape and smooth. For this purpose properly process a surface an emery paper. From a blunt end make deepening for the coil which will become a rocket nozzle. For this purpose cut off on the one hand the acting part, put on it a rubber tube and record in deepening of a rocket. On a blunt end of a rocket make the roller of the threads which are stuck together by the same glue.

2. Now wind preparation with two layers of the become wet paper. When it dries, begin to reel up on it tapes from stockings, coating each layer with rubber glue. Do not reel up following, the previous layer will not dry yet. At you the firm cover from a kapron tape and glue not less than 1 mm thick has to turn out.

3. When all missile housing dries out, putty it the talc mixed with our glue. When also this layer hardens, smooth out it.

4. Paste three pieces of plywood which will work as stabilizers to the lower part of a rocket. Paint a rocket and stabilizers with brilliant paint.

5. After the rocket dries, remove its case from a pig, having cut it lengthways in half. Remove the stuck paper from within and connect both halves the same kapron corbel. Again paint the case.

6. Insert one pacifier into another and pump up them. When you tie up the lower pacifier, receive the shock-absorber. It is necessary that the rocket was not damaged when falling. Put on the top pacifier the filar roller and its primotayta so that the shock-absorber did not come off.

7. Grind off at the pump the first ring ledge on a tip that it could be inserted into a coil opening. Make starting pads of a firm wire and their primotayta to the lower ledge of a tip.

8. Pour into a rocket water on a third of its volume. Insert a pump tip into the coil, and clamp trigger pads around a coil ledge.

9. Now the most responsible step – missile launch. Holding pads around a coil ledge, pump with the pump of times 20-30. Unclench the fingers. Then pads will slide off and the rocket will depart.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team