How to make biogas installation

How to make biogas installation

Recently more attention is paid to "nonconventional" ways of obtaining energy: one of them – use of biogas as raw materials for obtaining energy. Biogas represents a gaseous product which is received as a result of anaerobic fermentation of organic matter. For obtaining such energy use biogas installation.

It is required to you

  • - shovel;
  • - concrete rings;
  • - bell cover;
  • - cables;
  • - metal counterbalance;
  • - pipes;
  • - hatch with a cover;
  • - paint;
  • - insulating material;
  • - pipe for a water lock;
  • - coil;
  • - waste of activity and other organic matter.


1. Choose a location of future biogas reactor (best of all to make it closer to a housekeeping).

2. Dig a huge hole (in it raw materials for production of bioenergy will be located): the ditch has to be calculated, at least, on five tons of organic waste.

3. Lay concrete rings in this hole, and from above cover it with an iron bell (the weight of a bell has to be not less than a ton). That this dome did not fly under the influence of high pressure, attach to it by means of cables a counterbalance.

4. Bring loading and vygruzochny pipes and also a pipe for removal of biogas to the turned-out self-made tank.

5. Besides, make the special hatch which will be used for maintenance and repair of installation, and cover its dense. Surely execute installation of a water lock.

6. Having collected self-made biogas installation, surely check tightness of the reactor. Then paint installation for prevention of developing of an erosion of metal and warm it.

7. The principle of action of biogas installation is simple: place organic waste in the tight underground tank, add water (60%-70%) and warm up mix with the help of the coil which is in advance placed in the tank to 35 degrees, and further - only a matter of time.

8. Under the influence of temperature and microorganisms, mix will begin to wander, gradually increasing temperature to 70 degrees and to allocate "a gas harvest". You can use the "fulfilled" raw materials as fertilizer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team