How to make course

How to make course

The term paper – inevitability for each student. For someone heavy, for some – quite interesting and fascinating. Both that, and another will help to facilitate life during this period the plan course and an operation algorithm over it.

It is required to you

  • Computer, library


1. Choose a subject. The approximate list that term papers is at each department. But it is not obligatory to follow them, especially if they were already chosen as your predecessors. You can correct the offered standard subject according to a modern situation in that area which you study. Besides, it is possible to offer also absolutely new subject (it should be coordinated with the research supervisor). Do not forget that if the subject course to you was not developed yet, then the innovation will become great advantage, but there can be difficulties with search of materials for theoretical parts researches.

2. Make the plan. Course is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. The research supervisor will help to determine their content and the name.

3. Pick up literature for a subject. Your teachers of objects, close to a subject, can recommend the approximate list of books. Also you can use the list of references from already existing course on similar subjects. You should not take only textbooks: it is important that in in the list you had also scientific publications in specialized magazines and serious scientific works.

4. Write introduction. In it you have to prove relevance of work, its novelty, to call information sources and also work methods.

5. Make a theoretical part. Chapter 1, in fact, abstract – you describe the existing works on a subject in a chronological order and their main (most significant) theses. At the end of the head list conclusions – the main thoughts in a short look.

6. The research supervisor will prompt to you that has to be in chapter 2 course (it depends on specialty). Conclusions in this chapter are also necessary.

7. Write the conclusion. Will be to list more generally conclusions of 1 and 2 chapters enough and to tell what theoretical or practical value your work has.

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