How to make e-mail?

How to make e-mail?

Not to have own postal address (e-mail) in virtual space today is practically the same as to live without phone: for many people the access to you will be complicated. Existence of a mailbox does not oblige to anything: you can get to yourself free mail and look there at least once in a month. Just just in case such address has to be: it is convenient to leave it to new acquaintances whom met on distant travel and also to people whom you know only in virtual space.

Advantages of e-mail before traditional ways of sending correspondence are as follows:

  • to make new e-mail and to accustom with the interface, at most, half an hour of time will be required;
  • letters to addressees will reach for several seconds;
  • if you are mistaken the address, the system will send the letter to you back and will report why it cannot be delivered.
  • all e-mail addresses of friends will be stored in one place — the electronic telephone book.

How to make the e-mail address?

First, It should be noted that there is no sense today to get a paid mailbox. The most untwisted post platforms (yandex, mail, gmail, etc.) offer almost exhaustive set of services. Therefore we will look how it is possible to make free e-mail.

First of all it is worth deciding on the post platform. The most popular of them which are (listed above) possess stable work, large volume of the mailbox provided in use, the interface, most convenient for work. For this reason, a huge number of users, resolving an issue how to make e-mail, stop the choice on these platforms. Though there is also a mass of other e-mail servers (in particular, in each large organization there is the), which can seem to you more convenient.

Registration of the postal address

To pass you to a mailbox, the system will ask you to specify the login and the password (if it already is), or to be registered. Registration procedure is extremely simple: you fill fields in the questionnaire, think out to yourself a name (login) in the English transcription and the password that nobody, except you, could come into your mailbox. It is necessary to tell that to think up the login before making e-mail, it is not always easy. The fact is that each name of a mailbox has to be unique that letters came precisely to the address. But all significant words for many years of existence of e-mail servers by inhabitants of the world are already sorted. And accepted to think up such login that also most it could be remembered, and a system it as unique — a task not simple, but rather interesting. Sometimes the system offers options of unoccupied names from which it is possible to choose for himself the most suitable.

After all fields are filled, it is necessary to press the Register button, and on it work on the question as it is correct to make the e-mail address can be considered finished. The system will register you within several seconds or will show what fields are filled incorrectly. After the amendment it is necessary to press the Register button again. Having received own login and the password, they will need to be entered into the respective fields for an entrance to a mailbox. Then it is possible to get acquainted with the interface and if necessary to read reference information which the system automatically sends as the first letter to all who were just registered.

After registration your e-mail address will look so: yours login@nazvaniye of the post platform. For example: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., etc.

Finally we will remind that it is always necessary to respond to letters, in virtual space, as well as in usual life, it is considered standard of politeness. The person who sent you the letter can think that it did not reach (it happens too).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team