How to make glass

How to make glass

Technological process of production of glass is very difficult and demands special conditions (such as, for example, high-temperature furnace) and specific materials, not to mention special knowledge and skills. Therefore production of glass in house conditions to organize very difficult. However there is a mass of opportunities of production of decorative glass, glass souvenirs, preparations for stained-glass windows.

It is required to you

  • For this purpose ordinary transparent glass, paint for glass, binding substance is required. As the last it is possible to apply inexpensive and economic polyester pitch. It is more preferable to use inexpensive production wastes with glass use, for example, in the enterprises making double-glazed windows.


1. The manufacturing techniques are rather simple. It is necessary to crush transparent glass, to add dye and binding substance.

2. Using rectangular shapes, it is necessary to lay out the received weight on a plain surface and to wait for its hardening. As a result tiles of multi-colored decorative glass will turn out.

3. Decorative glass it is possible to produce by other various methods also. For example, sticking together colourless glue pieces of colored glass, so receive preparations for a stained-glass window.

4. Decorative glass can be made, using glass paints, a brass leaf or other decorative materials.

5. As you can see, there are very many ideas how to make decorative glass, it is worth dreaming up.

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