How to make polyfoam

How to make polyfoam

To make polyfoam it is possible to make also in house conditions. But process this after all not safe therefore it is better to be engaged in it in the conditions of a workshop and to stock up with all necessary equipment in advance.

It is required to you

  • Polystyrene (balls), special equipment.


1. To make polyfoam it is necessary to get many small balls of polystyrene. These balls very small, therefore in the people of their sometimes call beads. Then these balls need to be inflated and stuck together among themselves.

2. For gluing together of balls of polystyrene among themselves they need to be heated very hot steam. Heating is made until polystyrene balls do not begin to be inflated. When balls are inflated, from them gas which will push balls to each other will begin to be emitted. After that they will stick together and will take the form of that capacity in which are.

3. After cooling of the formed weight, polyfoam can be considered prepared. However, the quality of such self-made polyfoam will be very poor (if at you in general something turns out). Production of the real polyfoam requires the special equipment capable to provide all production cycle. Besides, experiments in house conditions with such high temperatures are simply dangerous both to health, and to the house.

4. To make carbamide polyfoam it is necessary to perform the following operations. To prepare for a start solution. For this purpose in water of room temperature the hardening catalyst (HC) and foaming agent (PO) gets divorced. Start installation. Then to fill in pitch and foam-forming solution in the corresponding tanks. A tax on an installation entrance compressed air. To turn on pumps the giving foam-forming solution and pitch. To open PITCH cranes and SOLUTION. To fill in the penomassa arriving from a sleeve in special, folding forms. Cut and dry the received polyfoam. Carbamide polyfoam is cut by a fishing line or a string. Time of drying is from 1 to 3 days.

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